Ultimate Survival Technologies Spright Recharge Lantern

Item #: UST-1156911
Item #: UST-1156911
  • Built-in USB port is used for charging the lantern and can recharge your electronics
  • Collapsible globe enhances light and reduces the lantern profile by 40%
  • Outdoors companion light adept at handling trekking, camping, and emergencies

Ultimate Survival Technologies Spright Recharge LED Lantern and Power Bank

Recharge Electronics with Your Lantern!

Most campsites leave you without electrical outlets, and generators get expensive fast. Enter UST's Spright Recharge LED Lantern, which also functions as a power bank that can charge your emergency and entertainment devices via the USB port in the wild. This ingenious little design is compact, measuring just 3" by 3" when collapsed, and will barely effect your travel burden as the Recharge Lantern weighs in at just 6.8 ounces.

Battery Power Supply

The UST commitment to innovation continues with the power supply used by the Spright Recharge lantern, which is provided by a built-in rechargeable 3500mAh lithium-ion battery pack. Before you go, power up with the same USB port used as an output for device recharging. This ensures that, regardless of what device you need, it will never stay dead for long.

Collapsible Silicone Globe for Simple Storage and Easy Transport

Lanterns typically feature a thick cover of hard material that make them bulky and can be heavy, but this UST Spright Recharge model is equipped with a flexible silicone globe that reduces the unit's poundage to the weight of a hockey puck. By using silicone material, the globe becomes collapsible so that the profile shrinks to about 3", making it easier to pack and tag along on your upcoming adventure.

Underside Hook for Hanging as a Downlight

A hook on the bottom of the base allows the lantern to be inverted for a number of purposes. Upside-down hanging lets the lantern serve as a campsite light fixture, provide solar charging, and facilitate easy carrying. Or you can improvise on-the-fly to suit the lantern to specific needs.

High White Low Amber Nightlight Candle Flicker
Brightness 100lumens 40lumens - -
Runtime 12hours 25hours 40hours 40hours
  • Notable Features
  • » Casts brigtness ranging between 40 to 100 lumens, capable of 40 hour runtimes
  • » Variable brightness modes and multiple color light fuctionalities
  • » IPX4 protection against splashing water from any angle saves the lamp from rain and incidental exposure to water
  • » Rechargeable with both the built-in 3500mAh Li-ion Battery Pack with a USB cable
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