Olight BS-100 Rechargeable LED Bike Tail Light - 100 Lumens

Item #: OLIGHT-BS-100
Brand: Olight
Item #: OLIGHT-BS-100
Brand: Olight
  • Translucent body expands light's spill to improve clarity
  • Output automatically adjusts using motion and ambient sensors
  • Mode memory reduces the need for mode cycling
  • USB-C rechargeable for quick and intuitive charging

Olight BS-100 Rechargeable LED Bike Tail Light

Simplified Bike Lighting

If you're looking for a bike tail light that's simple and intuitive, pick up the Olight BS-100! With its high output of 75 lumens in a 13-meter beam, this light is perfect for signaling your location to oncoming traffic and other cyclists at night. Its translucent housing expands the light's spill to create a bigger signal to other people on the road, enhancing your safety on the road.

Self-Adjusting Output

The BS-100's output can automatically adjust itself in specific situations. When you stop on your bike, the light will brighten to better signal your location. During the day, it will automatically switch to Smart Day flashing to be bright enough to be seen. It will do the same at night and switch to Smart Night flashing for clarity in the dark that won't blind drivers.

High Low Flash Group Ride Smart Day Smart Night
Brightness 100lumens 20lumens 0↑75lumens 0↑10lumens 0↑100lumens 20↑75lumens
Runtime 0.33+9hours 0.33+0.33hours 4hours 120hours 9hours 2.5hours
  • Notable Features
  • » USB-C rechargeable so that you can recharge anywhere, any time
  • » Transparent optical fiber improves overall output to a max of 100 lumens
  • » Motion and ambient light sensors cut down need for mode cycling
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