Olight ZX USB-C Rechargeable LED Bike Light - 220 Lumens - Uses Built-in 1400mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

Brand: Olight
Brand: Olight
  • Single button operation with power indicator designed to be operated with one hand while on the road
  • Fires 220 lumens for 90-minute sprints or 130 lumens for 3.5 hours on extended rides
  • IPX6 weather rating protects against rain and incidental water exposure
  • Peripheral awareness enabled by diffusing cutouts on the sides of the optical lens

Olight ZX

StVZO-Compliant Front Bicycle Light

Outfit your bike with the Olight ZX, a front-facing bicycle light fantastic for staying safe while road cycling or on your commute. Specially designed to meet German StVZO traffic safety standards, the ZX has an optical lens that makes vehicles aware of your presence on the road without casting a blinding LED at drivers. Instead, light is funnelled onto the road surface to keep you focused and aware of obstacles or hazardous conditions.

The two-part Garmin mounting system includes a base mount that secures directly to your handlebar and a quarter-turn mechanism on the bottom of the ZX for mounting in moments. This way, you can effortlessly unmount the light to bring it in for recharging and set it on your bike again in seconds before you take it out. A simple, intuitive mounting system was one of the key design elements for an ideal bike light, with another key feature being the portability of the light's construction. Weighing in at just 111 grams, the ZX is about as heavy as a lemon and has the compact size of a credit card so it won't affect how you ride.

High Low
Brightness 220lumens 130lumens
Runtime 1.5hours 3.5hours
Distance 170meters -
Intensity 7,226candela -
  • Notable Features
  • » Precision optical lens focuses light down onto the road to illuminate obstructions in your path and alert oncoming drivers to your presence
  • » Intelligent internal thermal regulation system keeps the light operating at the ideal temperature for its circuitry to maintain the highest performance
  • » Aluminum alloy frame is cast from a single protective housing that resists impacts and preserves electronics from the elements
  • » Completely charges in just 2 hours for quick turnaround on charging breaks to keep you moving
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