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Xtar UL1-120 USB Powered Goose Neck LED Flashlight - 120 Lumens

Item #: XTAR-UL1-120
Brand: XTAR
Item #: XTAR-UL1-120
Brand: XTAR

UL1-120 Light

XTAR's UL-120 is a unique EDC light– so unique that we'd almost call it a lamp! No batteries are needed with this lil' guy, just plug it directly into any USB-device, such as a powerbank, power strip, or laptop. For more range of motion, the stiff but bendy goose-neck hose is a USB-to-USB connector that lets you twist and turn your light with 720° mobility.

Thumb-Sized EDC

Weighing in at half and ounce and shorter than a AA battery, the UL-120 is the definition of compact for pocket-sized carry. No need to carry around spare batteries, bulky chargers, or expensive mounting stands. All you need for a quick, hands-free lighting set up is your powerbank or laptop. Whether you're traveling the world or reading at home, the UL-120 is a simple, no-fuss light that we guarantee you'll love.

7 Lighting Modes? In That Little Thing?

Yea, you read that right. While the 60 and 120 lumen dual-brightness modes are more than enough for any day-to-day task, additional red, green, and blue color outputs offer a selection of low-light illumination to help preserve your night vision. The strobe and red/blue flashing functions also server as deterrent or emergency signals.

High Low Red Blue Green Red/Blue Flash Strobe
Brightness 120lumens 60lumens 35lumens 35lumens 120lumens 35lumens 120lumens
  • Notable Features
  • » 7 total modes including dual brightness outputs and tri-color RGB lighting controllable with one switch
  • » Strobe and red/blue flashing modes act as warning or SOS functions when walking at night
  • » No battery to inset or charge- plug into any USB-compatible device such as powerbanks, power strips, laptops, adapters and more
  • » 720° control with the included flexible metal hose connector
  • » Ultra-compact design is the definition of EDC, at only 1.8" long and ½ oz in weight
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