Streamlight 68730 Dualie Rechargeable - in Yellow or Black - Multiple Charging Options Available - Box

Brand: Streamlight
Brand: Streamlight
  • Up to 275 lumens provides powerful illumination
  • Forward-facing spot and side-facing flood lights gives user ability to see at different angles
  • Corrosion-proof & chemical-resistant housing stands up to environmental factors
  • Rechargeable battery helps save on replacement battery costs

Streamlight Dualie Rechargeable

Intrinsically Safe

Streamlight's Dualie Rechargeable is the intrinsically safe flashlight you've been searching for. This light is built to stand up to environmental factors like chemicals, water, dust, and more thanks to its polymer construction and ample safety ratings! It is also compatible with Streamlight's Poly Mount Kit, so you can attach it to a helmet and go hands-free, making it perfect for construction or contract workers, laborers, electricians, and more.

Dual Function

Utilize the forward facing spot light, the side facing floodlight, or both for increased luminosity. Having three lighting options gives you the power to achieve up to 275 lumens with a throw of up to 171 meters! That significant distance and dual-beam direction can illuminate the area ahead and the ground below you simultaneously; a great tool in tunnels or crawl spaces with little to no lighting. Give yourself widespread illumination or a focused beam for close-up tasks. The Dualie Rechargeable can do it all!

Stay Powered with the Rechargeable Battery

It's all in the name - the Dualie Rechargeable is powered by an Li-ion battery that provides up to 13.5 hours of runtime. When you deplete the charge, simply pop it in its charging bank and it'll be powered up again in just 8 hours. Getting significant reusability out of this powerful light helps save on replacement-battery costs and environmental impact.

Spot/Flood Combo Spot Flood
Brightness 275lumens 180lumens 105lumens
Runtime 5.5hours 7.25hours 13.5hours
Distance - 171meters 18meters
Intensity - 11500candela 60candela
  • Notable Features
  • » IP67 water and dust-proof rating, plus Class I, II, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G; Class III; CL I, ZN 0, IIC; Exia; T-Code: T4 make this an intrinsically safe light to use on any job site
  • » Rechargeable STREAMLIGHT-68792 Li-ion battery helps cut replacement battery costs and powers light up to 13.5 hours
  • » Dual spot and flood lights allow user to see area ahead and below him/her simultaneously
  • » Compatible with Streamlight's Poly Mount Kit allowing for hands-free lighting

Please note: This item cannot be exported from the USA. Please do not place an order if you are located outside of the US. Exceptions can be made from APO/FPO and for similar addresses with a US zipcode.

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