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Klarus CL6 LED String Lights - 6 meters or 10 meters - Warm White or Multi-Color - Powered by a USB Source

Brand: Klarus
Brand: Klarus
  • Warm White versions include 8 output settings
  • Multi-Color version includes 15 output settings
  • USB port allows for use anywhere, anytime
  • Includes 3m extension cable for farther reach
  • Lightweight, durable design perfect for outdoor spaces

Klarus CL6 LED String Lights

Event Lighting Made Simple

If you have a big party or backyard barbeque coming up, you can keep your space illuminated in style with the Klarus CL6! With a total of 60 to 100 lamp beads, each producing light at a 180° angle, this light provides even, wide ranging visibility for your tents, grilling space, or back patio. Its USB power supply lets you set up these string lights from outdoor outlets, powerbanks, or even other personal devices so that you can use them at any time.

Numerous Output Options

The Warm White option for the CL6 includes eight different output options: Combination, Flashing, Jumping, Pulse, Strobe, Blinking, Skipping, and Steady On to create the perfect atmosphere for any event. The Multi-Color option is designed with 15 different settings, providing a wide variety of mood lighting to keep the party going. Due to this string light's flexible design, it can also fit into clear containers or its storage bag to give users a multi-output lamp option.

Warm White Multicolor
Operating Voltage 5V 5V
Rated Voltage 5W/200mA/1W(Max) 5W/200mA/1W(Max)
Single LED Power 0.02W 0.02W
Mode Type 8 15
Operating Temperature -10°C - 45°C -10°C - 45°C
Lighting Angle 180° 180°
  • Notable Features
  • » Warm White options include 8 outputs and Multi-Color includes 15 outputs
  • » Full Copper Core and glue seal improve overall durability
  • » 10 lamps per meter allows for even light distribution
  • » Storage bag lets you use these string lights as a lantern
  • » Designed for use both indoors and outdoors
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