Nitecore MH40S USB-C Rechargeable LED Searchlight - Luminengin G9 LED - 1500 Lumens - Includes 2 x 21700

Brand: Nitecore
Brand: Nitecore
  • 1500 lumens max output casts a light beam up to 1500 meters long
  • Wireless remote pressure switch and weapon mounts perfect for hunting
  • USB-C rechargeable Li-ion batteries capable of 105 hours max runtime

Nitecore MH40S

Unique LED — 4900ft Throw

The Nitecore MH40S Searchlight is a showcase of precision light engineering, with next-generation LED technology capable of casting a beam nearly a mile long! Target identification is easier than ever with this range, allowing hunters and law enforcement to detect distant subjects.

Remarkable Runtime Capacity

The Nitecore MH40S uses not one, but two 21700 batteries for formidable runtimes of up to 105 hours. That kind of life cycle is critical when it comes to trekking to a campsite, on a trail, or on the hunt. Law enforcement personnel will favor the tactical tail switch and rugged construction, as well as the unprecedented wireless remote pressure switch.

Turbo High Med Low Strobe Beacon SOS
Brightness 1,500lumens 500lumens 150lumens 18lumens 1,500lumens 1,500lumens 1,500lumens
Runtime 3.25hours 7.25hours 25hours 105hours
Distance 1,500meters 860meters 450meters 150meters
Intensity 570,000candela 186,000candela 51,000candela 5,800candela
  • Notable Features
  • » LED technology and precision engineered reflector emits 1500 lumens of light reaching almost a mile away
  • » USB-C rechargeable using 21700 batteries with a runtime reaching to 105 hours for endurance applications
  • » Aero grade aluminum alloy construction features a nonslip grip and an IP68 weater rating
  • » Remote pressure switch operates wirelessly for enhanced weapon handling
  • » Strobe, Beacon, and SOS modes for emergency applications and 4 constant-on illumination settings
  • » Power indicator function shows battery level and light vibrates when battery level is below 10%
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