RovyVon Angel Eyes E7 GITD USB-C Rechargeable LED Keychain Flashlight - Luminus SST-20 - Cool or Warm White - White and UV or Red Light Output - Uses Built-in 330mAh Li-Poly Battery Pack or 1 x AAA

Brand: RovyVon
Brand: RovyVon
  • 6500K cool white and 4000K high CRI output options for personal preference
  • Glow-in-the-dark auxiliary emitter options available for more light options
  • Charge via USB-C or power with one AAA battery, giving you replaceable or rechargeable power
  • Has a user-friendly dual side switch design for rapid operation

RovyVon Angel Eyes E7 LED Keychain Flashlight

Maximum LED Power

Ready for action with both front and side LED options, the RovyVon Angel Eyes E7 keychain light takes you far! You have the unique choice of both cool white and high CRI front LED options with the E7. The 6500K cool white option has a higher 700 lumen output and 70-meter throw. The 4000k High CRI option has lower output modes but prioritizes accurate color rendering, best for electrical or photography use. Choose between illumination quantity or quality!

Also available are auxiliary LED light options, to pair red or UV light with white LED output. The glow-in-the-dark body allows for moderate area light output that is best for lighting immediate surroundings. The dual switch design makes for easy separation between main and auxiliary emitter mode switching.

Hybrid Battery Power and USB-C Charging

The Angel Eyes E7 has a hybrid battery system, letting you choose between rechargeable or replaceable power. Drop one AAA battery or quickly recharge the battery pack via USB-C, for more power options. If you're out on a long hike, RovyVon ensures you stay powered on using replaceable AAA batteries.

High Medium Low Moonlight
Brightness (Battery Pack) 700 ↓150lumens 100lumens 10lumens 0.5lumens
Brightness (AAA Battery) 100lumens 20lumens 5lumens 0.5lumens
Runtime 3 +50minutes 1.5hours 13hours 54hours
Distance 70meters 10meters - -
Intensity 1,300candela 300candela - -
High Medium Low Moonlight
Brightness (Battery Pack) 500 ↓150lumens 70lumens 10lumens 0.5lumens
Brightness (AAA Battery) 70lumens 15lumens 5lumens 0.5lumens
Runtime 3 +60minutes 1.8hours 12hours 54hours
Distance 25meters 5meters - -
Intensity 900candela 200candela - -
White High White Low Red High Red Low
Brightness 30lumens 0.3lumens 30lumens 5lumens
Runtime 3.5minutes 62hours 2.5minutes 12hours
  • Notable Features
  • » Compact and lightweight build is perfect to attach to a keyring
  • » Two-way pocket clip makes for simple hands-free operation in daily use
  • » IPX6 waterproof rating and 1.5-meter drop resistance protects keylight from harsh conditions
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