GoLight GT Halogen Portable Mount Spotlight with Wireless Handheld Remote and Magnetic Shoe - Available in White (7901GT) or Black (7951GT)

Item #: GOLIGHT-7951GT-OPT
Brand: GoLight
Item #: GOLIGHT-7951GT-OPT
Brand: GoLight

GoLight GT Halogen Portable Spotlight

Magnetic Shoe Mount and Wireless Handheld Remote

If you want a spotlight that can offer high power and withstand some of the most challenging weather conditions, the GoLight GT Halogen spotlights (also referred to as RadioRay) are your "Go-to Spotlight". Available in black and white, this model produces a wide spot beam with an impressive beam distance of 949 meters or 3,113 feet. The search light features one hand-held wireless remote that operates over a frequency of 433 MHz. The spotlight is made of the highest quality ASA Luran Thermoplastic, making it heat resistant, UV resistant, dust resistant and high impact resistant. The remote is also weatherproof and is still operational up to 150 feet even within structures such as vehicles and walls. All the connectors are weatherproof and meet the OEM vehicle manufacturer specifications. By holding the button for 10-12 seconds in fast mode the 370 degree motorized rotation is accomplished; the same holds true by holding the button for 6-8 seconds for a 135 degree motorized tilt. The portable mount has an industrial strength magnetic grip and is now twice as strong.

Whether on land or by sea, you'll want to get your own GoLight GT Halogen Portable Spotlight. This model is ideal for houseboats, auxiliary lighting needs, industrial vehicles and much more.

Features & Specifications:
  • New and improved magnetic mount shoe - now twice as strong so there's no need for a suction cup mount
  • 370° motorized rotation
  • 135° motorized tilt (45° down, 90° up)
  • Fast/Slow speed options to improve positioning abilities
  • High torque drive train with upgraded precise pan/tilt control
  • Weatherproof remote is effective to 150 feet (even through vehicles, walls, etc.)
  • Operate on 433 MHz (works on radio signal, not IR, so line of site and obstructions are not an issue)
  • 4 button operation - up/down, right/left
  • Remote turns light on/off, so no additional switch required
  • Programmable with 2187 channels
  • Radio R.F. Frequency, F.C.C., S.A.E. tested and Canada Certified
  • Housing - ASA Luran heat resistant, high impact, dust resistant, weather resistant housing with highest quality UV resistant material
  • Gears and transmission parts/engineering Lexan, and brass prevents rust, corrosion and oxidation that could impair performance
  • All connectors are weatherproof and meet OEM vehicle manufacturer specifications
  • Power connects via one 15-foot cord to existing vehicle/boat harness or 16 gauge wire to fuse box
  • H9 65 Watt Bulb produces 225,000 Candela
  • Maximum Beam Distance: 949 m / 3,113 ft.
  • IP56 rated - dust resistant
  • GoLight 3 year limited warranty
  • No flood lens option for the GT Halogen series
  • Current draw of 5.5 amps at 13.8v
  • Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 8"
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