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High CRI Flashlights

What is a High CRI Flashlight?

The color rendering index (CRI) of a flashlight is the measure of the light's ability to reveal an object's true colors, or rather what a user would see when using a natural light source. In other words, the color rendering index is a measure of the quality of the output, where the higher the number the more accurate the colors are represented. A high CRI flashlight is one that produces a more natural-looking output. The highest possible CRI rating is 100, which would only be given if the output matches natural lighting. Blackbody radiation is often used as an example of a light source with a perfect 100 rating. Most LED bulbs deliver a CRI rating at or around 80. High CRI flashlights typically deliver a rating above 90.

CRI is Not the Same as Temperature

It is important to note that a CRI rating is not the same thing as a light's color temperature. The color temperature, which is measured in Kelvins (K), represents the tint of the light beam. A lower temperature rating depicts a warmer, yellowish tint, while a higher Kelvin rating is equal to a cooler, more bluish shade. A high CRI flashlight is capable of illuminating accurate colors with either warm or cool beam outputs.

Why Do I Want a High CRI Flashlight?

Often times, a flashlight's output make objects appear more washed out or with a bluish tint. Industrial and medical workers require the ability to see natural, or "real" colors in order to successfully complete a task. An EMT out the field, for example, needs to be able to properly diagnose a patient using visual cues, such as the shade of blood or the coloring in a patient's face. Electrical engineers need to be able to distinguish between different-colored wires and cables so that they can safely and successfully set up or repair a connection. Finally, proper color rending is useful while navigating a trail or a forest at nighttime. The better you can see different colors and shades, the less likely you will get lost or trip over a hidden rock or a tree's root. If your job or hobby requires that you make decisions based on colors in dimly lit scenarios, then it is best to incorporate a high CRI flashlight into your tool belt.

Examples of CRI Ratings

For further clarification, here is a list of example flashlights and other lights sources and their corresponding CRI ratings:

  • Candle: 1700k / 100 CRI
  • Incandescent: 2700k / 100 CRI
  • Tungsten Halogen: 3200k / 95 CRI
  • Cool White: 4200k / 62 CRI
  • Daylight Bulb: 6400k / 80 CRI
  • Olight S1 Mini HCRI: 6500k / 90 CRI
  • Acebeam EC65 High CRI: 6500k / 90+ CRI

When shopping for the right flashlight, it is important to consider how and where the light will be used. If, for example, you are simply utilizing a torch to illuminate your walk to your car every night, a high CRI flashlight is probably not necessary; however, if you are a Mechanic, an EMT, or someone who's job requires the ability to see "real" colors, having a light source with a high CRI rating is vital to your success. Please feel free to browse through our entire selection to find the right illumination tool for your individual needs. From handheld to hands-free models, we have a variety of different lights to accommodate every requirement. Need help choosing a product? Our customer service team understand the different features of a light and just how important each characteristic truly is to you. We can help you find the perfect flashlight for your individual needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.