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The Best Hiking Flashlights

What Is The Best Hiking Flashlight?

Extended hiking trips require some essentials: Water, backpack, navigation, and let's not forget a good reliable flashlight! The best hiking flashlight will have a combination of low weight, long run times, weatherproofing and a way to carry it hands-free. Certain styles of flashlight fit the bill including headlamps, angle lights and clip lights that can be fastened to clothing or gear. This curated batch of hiking flashlights are tried and tested by us, the flashlight experts.

Our Choice: Nitecore HC30

Our top pick for the best hiking headlamp is the Nitecore HC30, a 1000 lumen LED headlamp that also functions as a clippable angle light. We compared and tested 11 headlamps, and this is the our choice because of its flexible use style combined with high LED output. You may not need a full 1000 lumens just for hiking, but the higher output modes are nice for emergencies or self defense and can always be notched down to four lower lighting levels. Also handy in a pinch is a moonlight mode lasting up to 300 hours, second only to the HC60 on this list.

While not the lightest hiking flashlight in our selection, 2.5 ounces (with battery) is fairly trim and we've found it comfortable to carry in hand or head mounted. If you're really trying to cut down on carry weight check out either the JetBeam HP35 or Nitecore T360. The HC30 isn't the most friendly budget-wise, and it doesn't include a battery. We decided however that due to its adjustable style and high performance, the value is there. If cost is the primary decision factor for you, the Rayovac Industrial Workhorse Pro is cheap, tough and will serve just fine as a hiking flashlight.

Is the HC30 not quite what you're looking for? Below you'll find a curated selection of some of our best headlamps, clip lights and angle lights. These lights were chosen based on style, weight, hands free functionality and overall popularity.