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Christmas Gifts Under $10

Holiday Gift Guide

Affordable Gifts That Won't Break the Bank

Are you looking for a unique present, but only have a few dollars to spend? Do you have a long shopping list and not a lot of cash to support it? If so, then this list of Christmas gifts under $10 is sure to be the solution to all of your problems. Here at BatteryJunction, we understand that sticking to your budget is incredibly important. We also understand that gift-giving during the holiday season is equally important. For this reason, we've compiled a list of awesome yet affordable products.

Lights, Gear, & Accessories

This list of Christmas gifts under $10 is more than just the cheapest items in our catalog. We've taken the time to hand-select the products we think are worthy of gift-giving, without being too expensive. We also consciously made an effort to offer a variety of product types to suit every recipients' requests. Let's start with the flashlights. BatteryJunction.com offers a broad selection of keychain lights and handheld flashlights that fit within the $10 Christmas gift budget. These lights also vary dramatically. For example, the Titanium Innovations key light is incredibly affordable, but it still offers a reliable output and runtime. For someone who wants to carry a small keychain light with them at all times but doesn't want something bulky on his or her keyring, this key light is the perfect solution. It small size allows for convenient everyday carrying, and the squeeze on/off interface is simple enough for all to use with ease. The Titanium Innovations key light is also available in a variety colors and with different color outputs as well. For something with a little bit more power, check out the Nitecore Tube.

Our selection of Gear Christmas gifts under $10 is just as diverse. From a Nite Ize keyring with MicroLock S-Biners to a UST compass, there is something for everyone on this list. For the avid bicycle-rider, why not purchase the Nite Ize Flashflight Spokelit wheel lights? These spoke lights easily attach to the wheels of the bike and can help nighttime bikers be seen by passing-by vehicles. Available in three color options, these safety lights are simple in design yet incredibly smart for those who ride their bikes often. For the outdoorsman or avid camper, perhaps the UST survival bracelet is the better choice. This wristband is made up of the eight feet of paracord, which can be used in various ways - unravel the threads for fishing or sewing, or use the rope to tie down a stubborn tent.

This list of Christmas gifts under $10 also includes an assortment of portable power banks and other charging accessories as well. For the teenager or young adult on your Christmas shopping list, how about purchasing a portable power bank for them to keep their cell phone charged and ready to go at all times? Let's be honest, the cell phone is their life. What better way to get on their good side then to provide them with a way to further increase their time spent on their electronic devices? For the flashlight enthusiast to vape users, a portable battery case would be a practical Christmas gift under $10, which they would genuinely appreciate.

Unique Christmas Gifts You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Surely you've done the research and have visited numerous websites already to find the right Christmas gift for under $10. What separates BatteryJunction from other online retailers is our personal touch. Instead of just providing you with a list of thousands of products, all under $10, we've hand-selected what we think make great gifts. Our list of Christmas gifts are also more practical and are items the gift recipient will actually use. Let's be realistic here - is your coworker really going to use that rooster-shaped salt-and-pepper shaker? Is your brother really going to find joy in that magic 8 ball novelty toy? Instead of buying a cheap gift that will provide a few laughs, get your loved ones something from our list that is more practical, but still pretty cool too.