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The Best Gifts Under $25

Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

No Cash, No Problem

Time is running out. If you still have a lot of shopping to do, and you-you don't want to spend a lot of money, yet you want your gift to still be pretty awesome, then you've come to the right place. We have put together a list of the best gifts under $25. Though we are best known for our selection of batteries, (who wants batteries for Christmas?), this list of products includes flashlights, chargers, and even some survival gear. All of which you will find to be practical yet still pretty awesome.

Flashlights, Of Course

Second only to batteries, flashlights are our favorite thing and we wouldn't make a list of gifts under $25, without including some of the best. Unlike our under $10 gift guide, which was limited to just key lights, this compilation includes a variety of different-styled lights. The Nitecore NU10, for example, is a lightweight headlamp that features five LEDs, two output colors (red and white) and three unique brightness settings. The 160-lumen LED headlight is USB-rechargeable and offers an impressive 150-hour runtime, when in Low mode. For the avid camper or outdoor adventurer, the Nitecore NU10 headlamp is great gift for under $25. To counter that, we've also included the NexTorch Dr. K3 clinical penlight - a pocket-sized LED light that is photo-biologically safe for use in a medical setting. For the doctor in your life, this LED penlight is an affordable yet safe tool to help them while on the job.

A Battery Charger for the Electronics Junkie

What's a list of the best gifts under $25 from BatteryJunction without some battery accessories included? The Olight Omni-Dok 2-bay charger is the perfect present for the gamer, the flashlight collector or even the technology enthusiast. Sure it's not a game or a toy, but it is something that can enhance the recipient's overall experience with that item, thus making a great add-on accessory to an already awesome present. This universal battery charger offers two independent bays for charging either NiMH or Li-ion cells. The 2-bay battery charger is compatible with a wide assortment of sizes, including NiMH AA and AAA sizes, as well as a Li-ion 18650s, 17670s, 16340s and 14500s.

Survival Gear for Under $25

This list of the best gifts under $25 is not complete without including a few survival gear products. One of the most important characteristics of high-quality survival gear is its durability. However, with strength typically comes an expensive price. The bags and packs from Maxpedition, however, meet all of the criteria of durability and strength, yet we were able to find a few pieces that can still meet your budget of $25. The Maxpedition 3301 Cocoon Pouch is an elongated storage pouch that is perfect for holding a flashlight, writing utensils, camping cutlery. The eight-inch-long utility pouch can even be used as a toiletry kit to store a toothbrush and a razor.

The Best Gifts Under $25 Are More Than Just Throw-Away Stocking Stuffers

How many times have you received a random Christmas gift that you simply threw away in a closet after the holiday was over? Maybe the gift-giver was constrained by a budget and was unable to find something you would truly love because the cash flow was limited. Maybe it was a Yankee Swap item you were stuck with at the end of the game. Or perhaps it was a Secret Santa present from someone who really doesn't know you. With this list of the best gifts under $25, you are sure to have a successful Christmas and holiday season. All of the products represented are practical, of high-quality materials and most important budget-friendly. No more settling on a deck of cards or a scented candle as your budget-constrained Secret Santa gift. Give them something you know they will like; something they will actually use!