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Stocking Stuffers - Holiday Gift Guide

Filling the stockings are often overthought and missed during the holiday rush. Stockings hang over your fireplace and are easily overlooked. But not this year! Battery Junction has narrowed down the selection to the best stocking stuffers you can buy this holiday season. Thoughtful, and affordable, these products will fit perfectly in your stocking without breaking the bank. Get the perfect small gifts for your loved ones today!

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Guys

Small Enough to Fit in the Stocking, But Cooler Than an Electric Toothbrush

Finding the best stocking stuffers for guys is a difficult task. Remembering to find them in store and not succumbing to cheap, impulse purchases at checkout is even harder. For this reason, Battery Junction has put together a list of the best stocking stuffers for guys. Not only are these products affordable and small enough to fit inside a Christmas stocking, but they are also pretty cool!

Why Not Give Batteries as Stocking Stuffers?

You already purchased your guy a great new hand held LED flashlight, why not complement that light with the batteries he'll need to power it up? Sure it's practical, but how disappointed will he be if he goes to use the LED flashlight, only to find that the batteries are not included? Immediate flashbacks to childhood will likely ensue, ultimately ruining your guy's holiday and putting you in the doghouse for who knows how long. The best stocking stuffers for guys are those that can be used in conjunction with the already awesome presents you've given them. Guys like gadgets and toys. Give them the battery stocking stuffers they'll need to immediately get those toys up and running.

Key Light Stocking Stuffers

Another great choice for filling your guy's stocking is the keychain flashlight. These LED key lights are small in size and still affordable enough to fit the budget; however, they are also more along the practical side of things while border-lining "toy". Everyone needs a small key light or EDC to carry with them, whether for safety or for utility. If your guy already has a shelf-full of LED flashlights, it's likely he already has a decent EDC, but hold old is it? As you know, LED technology is getting better and better, becoming more efficient and as a result, more affordable. What was once bright and powerful is now comparable to a firefly, when measuring up to what's on the market today. Check out the new Nitecore TINI for example. This key light is just under two inches long, but it offers a maximum output of 380 lumens! There are some hand held flashlights that don't even offer such a bright output. As an added bonus, the TINI is available in a variety of colors. Clearly, these key lights make some of the best stocking stuffers for guys, especially those who already have a growing collection of LED flashlights.

Stocking Stuffers for Guys Who "Outdoor"

Not a flashaholic? Or maybe your guys is too much of a flashlight nerd? No problem! We also included a few stocking stuffers for guys who like to be outdoors, or who like to tinker. Have you thought about a multi-tool or a pocket knife? Battery Junction sells those too and many of them are affordable enough to qualify as stocking stuffers for your guy. The Leatherman Style CS, for example, is a six-tool pocket knife, complete with scissors, a knife, and a screwdriver. This ultra-portable multi-tool is the perfect everyday carry tool to coincide with his keychain flashlight!

Can't decided what you want to get? No problem. Battery Junction also offers gift certificates, in a range of dollar values, to let your guy choose the right gift for him. Gift cards are fail-safe stocking stuffers, guys appreciate because they provide the freedom to shop for and purchase exactly what they want. We understand that the flashlight, battery, and portable power products world is a bit confusing. If you are unsure of what to purchase for your guy, don't stress - a gift certificate is one of the best stocker stuffers ever. Or, if you'd prefer, feel free to contact our customer service staff, who can help you find the right products, at the right prices.