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Best Flashlights For Hunting At Night

What is the best flashlight for hunting?

Hunting is a sport that many people enjoy! If you prefer to hunt during the evening or before dawn then you are going to need a good hunting flashlight. Seeing your surroundings while you go out is essential for your safety and others who may be outside too.

Choosing a hunting light can be overwhelming at times because there are so many options and features that are being marketed to you. After testing several flashlights we, at Battery Junction, found that the best hunting flashlight features red/green/blue outputs, is lightweight and features a long beam throw. Animals are less sensitive to red and green light and will be less spooked than if you were shining a white LED. Moreover, blue LEDs will help you track your injured prey. When blue light illuminates blood spatter it appears black. When hunting at night, or early morning, you will need a light that has 5 output modes. Anything more than ~200 lumens of white light can be too bright in the dark and can hinder your vision, but if you are tracking a target you occasionally need a brighter output mode.

Nitecore Chameleon CB6

Our top pick for the best hunting flashlight is the Nitecore Chameleon CB6 Hunting Kit. The Chameleon CB6 features a blue LED output that can help you track your injured prey if your first shot is not as clean as you hoped. In most areas it is your obligation to track injured prey and the surface mounted blue LEDs, which are just as powerful as the main white LED, makes tracking blood easier. It also has a run time of close to two full days in its low setting which will give you plenty of light and time to find your injured prey. Additionally, the Chameleon kit comes with a mount and a pressure switch that can be added to your weapon for a hands-free light approach. The maximum beam throw is 190 meters, which is plenty of distance to identify a target before you pull the trigger in most circumstances. Our pick for runner up is the Sunwayman F30R. It features a Red output that will enable better night vision and is slightly less expensive than the Chameleon Kit. However, you will not get as many accessories with your purchase.

Is the Chameleon CB6 not the best light for you? Below are the flashlights we recommend that could be a better fit.