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HVAC Batteries (Building Supplies)

HVAC systems and boilers are essential to the heating and cooling of many buildings, whether they be residential or commercial buildings. Metering and control services for HVAC systems and boilers are increasing in popularity, since implementing them leads to more efficient use, decreasing their cost to owners and dually leaving less of an impact on the environment. The actual devices within these systems vary greatly, but fairly consistently they contain sensors that require batteries for operation, in addition to other components that run on batteries. High quality, durable batteries are a necessity for these systems so that they can continually modify and control HVAC and boilers in order to deliver consistent efficiency.

Long Lasting Lithium

Lithium primary batteries are the preferred choice for this category, as they do offer longer battery lives than alkaline, and can also operate in a wider range of temperatures than alkaline can, which is important because often HVAC and boilers are located in basements, outdoors, or other areas with less controlled temperatures. A popular battery used in these control systems is lithium CR123A cells, particularly those manufactured by Panasonic, Energizer, Titanium Innovations or Duracell, all options available at BatteryJunction.com.

Buying Options

BatteryJunction.com has a wide array of options to accommodate any type of customer looking for batteries to use in an HVAC or boiler control system. Depending on the scope of your needs, BatteryJunction.com offers cells in different quantities, including bulk, as well as a variety of packaging from retail cards to minimal shrink wrap options. If your needs require larger quantities, consider ordering in bulk, as any order over $50 will yield a reward of free shipping and lithium batteries have a ten-year shelf life ensuring their viability if bought in advance. Need replacement batteries for your alarm panels or home security systems? We have a diverse selection of disposable and rechargeable cells for powering every part of your home monitoring system.