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Jewelry Cleaning Tools

Jewelry goes through as much wear-and-tear as any other product we use, and like any other product, it should be cleaned regularly to ensure it lasts. Unfortunately, the complexity of jewelry makes cleaning a much more difficult process compared to larger, simpler objects. Rings are exposed to the same dirt and grime that your hands are, but they possess nooks and crannies your hands do not that are much more difficult to reach and clean out. Larger jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, etc. can be just as intricate and even more fragile, and therefore even more difficult to clean.

In order to be cleaned properly, jewelry may require specialized techniques and even specialized equipment. Here at Battery Junction, we have all your jewelry cleaning needs and equipment to ensure your personal accessories always shine. From pressure steamers to ultrasonic cleaners to specialized LED cleaning lights, our GemOro products will make sure your jewelry stays clean and presentable for years to come.