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Klarus Batteries

Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries from Klarus

Klarus is an innovative designer of quality flashlights and accessories such as filters, holsters, and mounts. Klarus batteries make the same commitment to using new technology, deploying Nobel Prize-winning lithium-ion chemistry. Their batteries are available in multiple sizes popular among consumer electronics including 16340, 18650, and 21700 cells. Klarus batteries unlock the full potential of Klarus lights, and batteryjunction.com has several specialty battery packs dedicated to your favorite flashlights from this precision manufacturer.

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Built-in USB Charge Port

For a company that prides itself on developing innovative lighting tools, it only makes sense that their batteries would also qualify as unique and state-of-the-art. Some Klarus batteries have been equipped with a built-in micro-USB port so you can recharge your batteries with a common device battery charger! Klarus is one of the first flashlight manufacturers to offer this innovative way to re-power your batteries which is catching on across the industry. Additionally, these Klarus batteries with direct charge ports offer LED indicators to let you know when your battery is fully charged. A red light indicates that the charge is in progress, while a blue light lets you know when the cell is fully charged.

High-Quality, Safe Lithium Battery Tech

When it comes to rechargeable Li-ion batteries, it is important that the cells meet all of the safety standards and restrictions. While it is becoming more common in everyday electronic devices, lithium-ion is still quite new to the market and users are therefore still learning about its power. For this reason, it is important for manufacturers to only offer a product that has gone through extensive testing and manipulation so that the end user can buy with confidence. Klarus batteries are full of different safety features to prevent overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting. While it is still important to follow standard safety measures when dealing with Li-ion cells, you can feel secure in knowing that you and your high-powered flashlights are safe when using Klarus rechargeable batteries.

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