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Klarus G35 LED Search Light - CREE XHP35 HI D4 LED - 2000 Lumens - Uses 3 x 18650 or 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A

Angle Shot of the Klarus G35 Search Light
Standing Shot of the Klarus G35 Search Light
Klarus G35 Search Light Using 3 18650s
Klarus G35 Search Light Using 1 18650
Dimensions Slide for the Klarus G35 Search Light
Materials Slide for the Klarus G35 Search Light
Power Indicator Slide for the Klarus G35 Search Light
Angle Shot of the Klarus G35 Search Light
Standing Shot of the Klarus G35 Search Light
Klarus G35 Search Light Using 3 18650s
Klarus G35 Search Light Using 1 18650
Dimensions Slide for the Klarus G35 Search Light
Materials Slide for the Klarus G35 Search Light
Power Indicator Slide for the Klarus G35 Search Light
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  • Utilizing 3 x 18650s, the G35 search light pumps out a whopping 2000 lumens for 3 hours, lasting far longer than most comparable turbo modes.
  • More power means more heat, but the Intelligent Temperature System (ITS) monitors and prevents overheating to keep you and your light safe.
  • While it prefers 3 x 18650s, the G35 is capable of running on just one 18650 or 2 x CR123As so you always have light in a pinch.
  • Dual body and tail cap switches both have access to all outputs, allowing for easy operation no matter the situation.
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Klarus G35 LED Search Light

Unbelievable Power

Featuring impressive functionality and unrivaled range, the Klarus G35 LED Search Light is the ideal flashlight for outdoor adventurers and search and rescue. This stellar light is equipped with a sophisticated CREE XHP35 HI D4 LED that can generate up to 2000 Lumens of vivid white light, plenty of brightness to clearly illuminate anything in the beam's path, as well as a trio of lower outputs to fit a wider range of lighting needs. One of the most important characteristics of a quality search light is beam distance and the G35 stands far above its peers, with a max beam distance of over 3200 feet! The light also features a pair of special outputs well suited for tactical operations; an S.O.S. Mode for signaling for help and a Strobe Mode that can be used to signal or disorient a target.

Plenty of Power Options

To achieve the immense output it puts out, the G35 requires a substantial power source, running on three 18650 rechargeable batteries. The trio of potent cells can power the search light for up to 3 hours using its intense max output and up to 210 hours on its lowest output, providing powerful, long-lasting illumination for search and rescue workers and other tactical users. If you don't have access to three 18650s, the G35 allows you to use just a single 18650 or a pair of CR123A batteries in emergencies to ensure you still have an effective light source. The remaining charge of the batteries can be monitored using the LED power indicator built into the light's side switch so you'll never be surprised by dead batteries!

Intelligent Design

The G35 is designed to be as practical as it is powerful, built to to be easy to use and long-lasting. The durable light is crafted from aerospace aluminum alloy and coated with a hard-anodized finish, which is only protected against drops and scratches, but can even be submerged under 6 feet of water with no damage. The compact body is just over 6 inches long and weighs under a pound, allowing it to be easily carried in your gear bag. The search light comes with two switches, one on its body and one on its tailcap, that both have access to all its useful outputs, allowing for one-handed operation no matter how you're holding the light.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body with military grade hard anodized finish
  • Reinforced ultra-clear tempered glass lens
  • Upgraded smooth reflector allows for incredible beam distance
  • Capable of functioning on either a single 18650 or two CR123As in emergencies
  • Dual switches allow for easy one-handed operation
  • Side switch doubles as LED power indicator, denoting remaining charge
  • Comes with pair of tactical outputs
  • Special lockout mode helps prevent accidental activation
  • ITS (Intelligent Temperature System) monitors internal temperature to prevent overheating
  • Reverse polarity protection prevents damage caused by improperly inserted batteries
  • Included Accessories:
    • 1 x Lanyard
    • 1 x Spare O-Ring


  • Power Source: 3 x 18650 or 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A
  • Peak Beam Distance: 1000 meters (3280.8 ft.)
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 252,506 cd
  • Brightness Outputs (Using 3 x 18650):
    • Turbo - 2000 Lumens - 3 Hours
    • High - 400 Lumens - 13 Hours 45 Min.
    • Medium - 100 Lumens - 44 Hours
    • Low - 10 Lumens - 210 Hours
    • Strobe - 2000 Lumens - 6 Hours
    • S.O.S. - 100 Lumens - 132 Hours
  • Brightness Outputs (Using 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A):
    • Turbo - 1200 Lumens - 1 Hour
    • High - 400 Lumens - 3 Hours 12 Min.
    • Medium - 100 Lumens - 14 Hours
    • Low - 10 Lumens - 85 Hours
    • Strobe - 1200 Lumens - 2 Hours
    • S.O.S. - 100 Lumens - 42 Hours
  • IPX Rating: IPX-8 (Waterproof and submersible up to 2 meters)
  • Impact Resistance: 1 meter (3.28 ft.)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length - 6.38" (160.2 mm)
    • Head Diameter - 2.87" (73 mm)
    • Body Diameter - 2.54" (45.5 mm)
  • Weight: 13.07 oz. (371 g)
Runtime (Hours):313.75-44210
Output Modes:3+ Brightness Levels, SOS, Strobe
Compatible Batteries:1 x 18650, 2 x CR123A, 3 x 18650
Batteries Included:No
Included Accessories:Lanyard, Spare O-ring(s)
Flashlight Usage:Search, Tactical
Throw Distance (Max):1000m
Switch Location:Tail and Side Switches
Product Certifications:IPX-8
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty, Klarus 5 Year Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Primary Material:Anodized Aluminum
Product Weight:13.07oz
Product Dimensions:6.38" (L) x 2.87" (Head Diameter)2.54" (Body Diameter)
Country of Origin:CN
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By Steve
Harrison Township
Mixed Feelings
November 21, 2019
Well, I have mixed feelings about this light. It offers a bright beam, has excellent throw, and long battery life, especially so considering the price. However, the first flashlight arrived with a jammed-up tail cap and had to be returned for another light. A weak point of this flashlight is a rotating assembly found in the tail cap designed to eliminate having to install a battery carrier. If the rotating assembly jams up for any reason, or the locating pins break for any reason, the flashlight is toast.
In any event, Battery Junction replaced the defective flashlight with another. While the new light functioned properly, it arrived with battery alignment stickers floating around the flashlight housing, that is, not stuck where they belonged. Determining battery placement was easy enough, finding out which of the three battery slots needed the “red” sticker showing where a single 18650 or two cr123 batteries would be placed was another matter.

Overall, a lot of light for the money. If I could change anything about this flashlight it would be the tail cap assembly and adding a USB charging port. I really do not want to open this flashlight up any more than necessary.
By Dale
Cape Coral, FL
A Great Searchlight
November 21, 2019
Use this mostly for boating here in Florida. It excels at locating distant channel markers in the darkest of nights. Amazing beam throw! Fits likes a glove to your hand. And it's just the right size; not big and heavy nor too small and delicate. Every time it goes out in the boat I get comments about what a great light. Unbelievable runtime too.
By Kultin
Campbell, Texas
November 4, 2019
Cons: The whole side switch should illuminate or even around the switch. Indication of where the button switch is should at least have something to where you can find the button easier like a raised part or even a dimple.

Pros: Great throw per battery usage. Compact design. Memory
By Todd
Aurora, CO
Great Light at Great Price Point
January 13, 2019
Throws light really far. Use it to scare coyotes out of my yard who want to eat my wife's small dog when she goes out through dog door at night. Weird when you can see the glow of the coyote's eyes from several hundred yards away. Kept near nightstand near bed and the 18650 batteries are great with this light.
By Randy
Cuero, Texas
Great light
August 28, 2018
Compact light with great throw. Specs are correct. Runtime at maximum output far exceeds any other high output handheld flashlight I have ever purchased (I am an flashlight junkie). Price is very reasonable for this high output high quality product. Battery indicator is a nice feature allows you to check charge @ any time. Also will run on one battery (it has three). I highly recommend this flashlight.
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