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All Knives

The BatteryJunction.com knife and tool collection features legendary manufacturers providing top-of-the-line construction and material selection to accomplish any given task.

From clip on pocket knives to sheathed fixed blades, you’ll find a type and style best suited to you. Visit the Battery Junction Knife Guide for more information on steel types, blade coatings and styles, handle materials, and locking mechanisms.

Multi-functional knives from makers like Leatherman and Fenix Ruike constitute some of the most useful gear on the market. With one of these on hand, you’ll have access to tons of useful gadgets like screwdrivers, files, and more! These are classic knife designs which are so enduring because of their perennial practicality. You couldn’t ask for much more from a work knife.

BatteryJunction.com also has you covered when it comes to your outdoor tool set. Axes and saws for woodwork, brush-clearing machetes, and shovels are just some of the formidable implements we carry which will make your yardwork or camping trip a cinch. These tools are designed for convenience and are awesome accompanying you into the wilderness, keeping you ready to handle anything.

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