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Ledlenser 502006 iW5R Flex Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 600 Lumens - Includes 1 x 18650

Item #: LEDLENSER-502006
Brand: Ledlenser
Item #: LEDLENSER-502006
Brand: Ledlenser
  • Compact folding work light suitable for many tasks and work spaces.
  • Magnetic tail and hanging hook for hands-free lighting options.
  • Two kinds of lighting for customized illumination - spotlight and area floodlight.
  • Max output of 600 lumens and max run time of 4 hours.

Ledlenser iW5R Flex Flashlight - 502006

Folding Work Light

The new Ledlenser iW5R is a compact and folding work light that is ideal for smaller work spaces. The iW5R has a large COB LED on a folding arm that can bend all the way back 180° from its locked position. This floodlight function can produce 600 lumens on high and run up to four hours on low. On the end of the folding arm, there is another LED for spotlight and focused lighting. These functions have the unique ability to work simultaneously to get exactly the illumination you need.


The iW5R was designed to be used as a hands-free lighting device so you can have the use of both your hands while working. Its wide tail was designed to hold a solid tail-stand, also being magnetic, it can be securely attached to metal surfaces. Pop out the hanging hook for another way to light your work space hands-free.


On the back of the iW5R is a battery power indicator LED display so you can monitor the remaining life of your light conveniently. Using the included charging cable and adapter, you can recharge it hundreds of times - saving you time and money on not having to buy new batteries constantly.

High(Power) Low(Low Power)
Brightness 600lumens 250lumens
Runtime 2hours 4hours
Low(Low Power)
Brightness 100lumens
Runtime 6.5hours
  • Notable Features
  • » Compact folding work light - adjustable lamp head for precise lighting
  • » Two kinds of lighting - spotlight and floodlight to work in a variety of spaces
  • » Capable of using spotlight while floodlight is on
  • » Tail stand capable, magnetic base, and hanging hook for hands-free lighting
  • » Max output of 600 lumens and max run time of 4 hours
  • » Rechargeable hundreds of times - saving you time and money
  • » Battery and charge indicator - monitor power level easily
  • » Single multi-functional switch to access both lighting modes
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