Ledlenser 880523 P7R Signature Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 2000 Lumens - Includes Li-Ion Battery Pack

Item #: LEDLENSER-880523
Brand: Ledlenser
Item #: LEDLENSER-880523
Brand: Ledlenser

Ledlenser P7R Signature

High-end Led Flashlight

The Ledlenser P7R Signature is a premium flashlight encompassing Ledlenser's most distinct and desirable flashlight features. This quality piece of equipment features up to 2000 lumens of high CRI light with a natural color rendering that is easy on the eyes. The body of the light is durable aluminum alloy that is hard anodized and designed to withstand water, dust and drops. With Smart Light Technology the modes and functions of the P7R Signature can be customized to match your exact preferences. Paired with the Advanced Focus System that allows spot or flood lighting, this may be the most customizable flashlight ever made! Also included is an auxiliary side mounted red LED that is perfect for smooth night vision. The P7R Signature includes a rechargebale battery as well as magnetic charging cable, wall mount and USB adapter for flexible charging wherever you go.

Boost Power Mid Power Low Power SOS Strobe
Brightness 2000lumens 1200lumens 500lumens 15lumens -lumens -lumens
Runtime Bursthours 2hours 3.25hours 90hours - -
Distance 330meters 200meters 130meters 20meters - -
  • Notable Features
  • » Premium flashlight with high output and natural color reproduction
  • » Easy mode switching and fully configurable functions with Smart Light Technology
  • » Red Auxiliary light for smooth night vision
  • » Hard-anodized body is durable and corrosion resistant
  • » Included battery, wall mount and magnetic charging system
  • » Dimmable, Lock Function, Flicker Free, Memory Function
  • » Battery, Charge and Low Battery indicator
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