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LED Upgrade Guide

Upgrade Your Flashlight with a LED Engine!

Battery Junction's Guide To Updating Your Maglite, Streamlight, and more!

Upgrade Your Flashlight to LED

LED vs Incandescent Comparison It's no secret that we love bright flashlights here at BatteryJunction.com. In fact, we take pride in bringing you the newest and best products when it comes to advanced portable LED lighting. On the other hand, we appreciate the classics, and talk with a lot of customers who just don't want to part with their ultra-reliable and immensely popular Maglite or Streamlight flashlights from ages passed.

Both Maglite and Streamlight have been making flashlights for decades, and many of their early products are still being used today. Unfortunately, the old versions of their lights don't exactly measure up when it comes to brightness and efficiency. That's why one of our favorite brands has built a full line of LED upgrades for those old trusted models. For a fraction of the price of a new flashlight you can drop in advanced technology from TerraLUX for your Maglite or Streamlight incandescent and wind up with a brilliant LED device.

LED engines are brighter, produce a better beam pattern, and draw far less energy than older technologies, meaning you'll get more out of your flashlight and your batteries. Better still, TerraLUX's unique upgrades are simple to install and fit a variety of the most popular models from the two brands that have become synonymous with flashlights.

So when you've finally had enough with the dimming performance of your trusted gear, will it be a brand new flashlight, or a purpose-made upgrade? If you ask us, why not both?

Buying Guide:

Finding the right LED upgrade for you is simple. Go to our LED flashlight upgrades page, choose your brand of flashlight to upgrade and find the drop-in that fits your model. Many of the listings include instructional videos to help guide you through the installation process and, as always, BatteryJunction.com's dedicated team of customer support is here to help!

Posted by BatteryJunction.com on October 14, 2013