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The Best Light for Walking at Night

The Best Light for Walking at Night

Not everyone has the luxury of a schedule that allows them to get their exercise in the daytime, and those who don't are going to be looking for a reliable light for walking at night. Whether you're taking out the dog or just stretching your legs, it's important to keep a light source at the ready to guide your way. We've boiled down this list in accordance with our own research and customer preference, which as it turns out spans EDCs, keylights and headlamps that can all fit the bill.

Nitecore TINI

Our pick for the best light for walking at night is the Nitecore TINI, the ultra compact LED keychain light. The TINI fits the majority of the criteria we're looking for in a walking light with it's powerful 380 lumen output and palm-sized design. It may not have the hands free convenience of a head lamp, but it can be easily clipped or removed from your keys or clothing with the included clasp. Additionally the TINI is USB rechargeable, making it easy to keep powered up for impromptu walks or other late night chores. The TINI is also available is multiple colors and makes a great gift for just about anyone.

If you need to use your hands for something like walking the dog, you may want to consider a lightweight headlamp for your walks. The JETBeam HP35, for instance is light weight, low cost and provides plenty of light for walking at night. A simple bottom mounted interface and comfortable head strap help you stay focused on your chore while clearly lighting your path. Alternatively, if holding a flashlight isn't an issue than a compact EDC such as the Fenix E15 can be used for a bit more power, and it is much easier to aim in various directions without moving your head.

The Nitecore TINI is our pick, but there are plenty of viable options when it comes to getting a light for walking at night. Below you'll find our curated selection of the best EDCs, headlamps and keylights for evening strolls. Still not what you're looking for? Check out our full selection at Every Day Carry, Headlamp and Keychain Light.