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LightStar Corporation Batteries

LightStar Corp. Rechargeable Batteries

LightStar Corporation, formerly known as TerraLUX Portable, is the expert in lighting, batteries, and LED upgrade kits. LightStar Corporation fully designs, manufactures, and distributes portable lights and lighting products. However, beyond excellence in lighting and LED upgrades, they now offer a line of high-quality batteries. Through the years they have mastered their lighting modules and the user-favorite flashlight upgrades - but they also know that as a customer you need to have batteries that are as reliable as your lights.

Protected 18650s

Working with the majority of tactical and everyday carry flashlights, LightStars Li-Ion batteries are made from durable materials and offer hours of long-lasting power. This brand does. Continue to use innovative and powerful batteries in your flashlights provided by LightStar.