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LR44 Batteries

What is an LR44 battery?

The LR44 battery is a alkaline button cell defined by its unique dimensions (11.6mm diameter x 5.4mm thickness). They typically feature up to 240mAh capacities, have a 1.5V voltage, and are primary (non-rechargeable) due to their alkaline chemistry. LR44 batteries are often used in small devices like watches, alarm clocks, motherboards, medical devices and more.

Are LR44s the same as an SR44 or 357 battery?

While they are the same size, SR44 '357' batteries use a silver oxide chemistry to produce a more stable voltage (1.55V) and a lower self-discharge rate for an increased lifespan. This makes SR44 batteries more ideal for devices like watches and glucometers. However, LR44 cells are more widely available and usually cost less.

Are LR44s the same as a CR2032 battery?

No, CR2032 batteries use a lithium chemistry and are wider and flatter (like a coin). You cannot replace CR2032s with an LR44 battery.

Do you offer bulk pricing?

Yes, we offer tiered pricing for most of our batteries, letting you save more when you stock up and buy in bulk. Most LR44 batteries are single-use disposable, so we suggest buying in bulk for longterm affordability. If you're a company or contractor looking to buy a large quanity of batteries, contact our team or create a commercial account for a quote today!

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LR44 Battery Equivalents Explained

What is the difference between SR44 and LR44 batteries?

The LR44 battery is ideally meant for use in small, portable or wearable devices, such as watches, laser pointers, and electronic car keys. This single-use cell is available in two chemistry compositions: alkaline and silver oxide. The alkaline LR44 battery is typically more affordable; however, the 1.5 voltage tends to decrease more over time and therefore typically offers a shorter lifespan. Alkaline batteries offer a more sloping discharge profile - as they are used over time, they become less powerful and your electronic device may not work as well as the first day of a new battery. If you are looking to power low-drain items, such as a blinking light, the alkaline chemistry may be all that you need. Another advantage alkaline LR44 battery cells have is that they are more commonly found in brick-and-mortar stores. Here is a list of alkaline LR44 battery equivalents:

  • AG13
  • L1154
  • LR1154
  • 157

The silver oxide LR44 battery, on the other hand, may cost more yet offers a more stable voltage, at 1.55V, and therefore a longer lifespan. Silver oxide batteries offer a flatter discharge profile that provides more even performance throughout the lifespan of the cell. Other common names for silver oxide batteries are as follows:

Based on this simple comparison, you will see that the SR44 and the LR44 batteries are quite similar - in fact, they are the same size at 11.6mm in diameter and 5.4mm long; however, they are not direct replacements for each other. Replacing an LR44 battery with an SR44, or vice versa, won't damage your electronic device. Unfortunately, the alkaline cell won't perform as well as the silver oxide, in some electronic devices. In fact, run times could drastically decline from days to hours if you switch a silver oxide-powered device to an alkaline. If you are looking for an affordable, single-use power source that is compatible with your particular device, these LR44 battery choices are the perfect solution. Please refer to your manufacturers' manuals to determine if the alkaline chemistry will work for your needs.