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Best Deals: Lumens Per Dollar LED Flashlights

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Which Light Has The Best Lumen Per Dollar Ratio?

If you're looking for the best deals in the world of LED flashlights, look no further. We've taken the liberty of crunching the numbers for you, coming up with our list of lights with the very best lumens per dollar ratio. Unsurprisingly we found that most of these lights are already best sellers and fan favorites, owing that to their high output and relatively low cost. In the market for a hand-held searchlight? We've got em. Tactical style? EDC? You'll find those here too. These are indeed the best of the best when it comes to pure LED lighting value.

Acebeam X70 - 109 Lumens Per Dollar

Leading the pack is Acebeam's X70, a power packed handheld searchlight that truly offers the biggest bang for your buck. With a built-in battery pack, massive LED array and undeniable power - this light comes with as much value as it does LED power.

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Acebeam X80 GT - 98.7 Lumens Per Dollar

Acebeam's X80 is a monstrously powerful handheld searchlight, ranking high on the lumen per dollar scale. One of the brightest lights in our catalog, with 32500 lumen output it is sure to impress.

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Thrunite T2 - 53.7 Lumens Per Dollar

The Thrunite T2 is a powerful EDC flashlight that combines portability, power and pure value. Includes a 21700 battery and available in black and space grey colors.

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Fitorch P25 - 50 Lumens Per Dollar

A customer favorite, it's no surprise that the Fitorch P25 ranks high on out Lumens Per Dollar scale. Don't let the short style of this light fool you, it's packing some serious LED power at an impressive price point.

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Fenix L35R - 50 Lumens Per Dollar

Fenix's oddly ergonomic L35R feature more than just a comfortable grip. This LED flashlight packs an array of six LEDs that when powered up make one of our brightest and high value offers.

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