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Malkoff Devices M61L (Low Output) P60 Style Drop In Flashlight Upgrade Engine, 175 Lumens, with CREE XP-G LED (3.4-9V Input)

Malkoff Devices M61L upgrade engine left side angle
Malkoff Devices M61L P60 upgrade engine right side angle
Close up of springs on Malkoff M61L P60 engine upgrade
Malkoff MALKOFF-M61L alternate view 3
Malkoff Devices M61L upgrade engine left side angle
Malkoff Devices M61L P60 upgrade engine right side angle
Close up of springs on Malkoff M61L P60 engine upgrade
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Malkoff Devices M61L LED Upgrade

The Malkoff M61 P60-style drop-in LED upgrade fits SureFire 6P, 6Z, C2, and G2 flashlights as well as the Malkoff MD2 and Elzetta ZFL-M60 lights. A solid brass body acts as a heat sink for optimal heat dissipation so you do not need to worry about your flashlight overheating. The orange peel reflector has been designed to give a balance of throw and spill.

The M61 is made to run in lights using two CR123A batteries and operates with regulation within 3.4-9V. When the voltage falls below 3.4V, the light will run in direct drive. The bright output will blind anyone within a 50 foot radius or illuminate objects up to 200 feet away.

The M61 is available in a few different varieties. All versions are made in the United States with the same rugged, durable build-quality. The two main differences between the models are: the tint of the LED (either standard or neutral white), and the output/runtime. Models with lower output (and greater runtime) are indicated by an L'. The neutral white tint versions are denoted by a "W". This version is the M61L, offering the mid-range runtime/output of the M61 models with 175 lumens of output and 5 hours of runtime.

A fitting ring is required if used with a shock-absorbing head (ie M2). An M61 Lens, or suitable equivalent, is required for use in the Malkoff MD2 and Elzetta flashlights. Note: This mod will not work in Wolf Eyes Lights.

WARNING: This light is capable of causing eye damage at close range. Please use the light responsibly!!!

Note: This drop-in module was intended to operate at maximum brightness for tactical usage similar to the original setup. Operating the unit for more than 15 continuous minutes in plastic lights may cause damage to the drop-in module. This is not an issue in metal lights or in plastic lights with a metal head.

  • Input: 3.4- 9 V
  • Output: 175 Lumens
  • LED: Cree XP-G.
  • Draw: 300ma at 6 volts.
  • Runtime: 5 hours on 2 x CR123 batteries
  • Orange Peel Reflector
  • Designed for use in Malkoff MD2, Elzetta ZFL-M60, and SureFire 6P, 6Z, C2, M2 and G2 flashlights (may or may not fit other models)

Fits to the following lights: Blackhawk Falcata, Boker B0006, Brinkman Legend, Maxfire (LX models on both), Cabela's XPG (Xenon models), Dereelight CL1H (all Versions), DealExtreme {DX} HF-19, SKUs' ~ 1284, 4226, 14329, 14597, 14902, 15159 (DIY chassis), 15565, 15561 & OEMs, G&P T6, T9, T12, R12, Hellfighter X-4, X-8, Huntlight FT-01PJ, FT-01X SE (Luxeon versions on both), Kaidomain KD Tough, & OEMs, Leupold MX series w/ MX-100 bezel, M812, Mega CREE Q2, Nextorch (various models), Pelican M6 (newer version M6)...Slight modifications needed, PentagonLight X1, Xenon chassis {to be confirmed}, Pila GL2/3/4, Romisen RC-E4, RC-M4, RX-A, Smartfire A-1,T1, Solarforce L2, SF6, SF9, SF12, Spiderfire Q5, R2, X-O3, Superfire C1, see Ultrafire models, Surefire {SF} 3P, 3R, 6, Surefire 6P, 6PD, 6PL, 6R, 6Z, 7Z, 9P, 9Z, C2, C3, D2, D3, Surefire G2, G2L, G2Z, G3, G3L, GZ2, M2, Z2, Z3, Surefire KX4 option, Malkoff Devices M60, Malkoff M61, Various Weaponlight models, Tactical Operations Products Stryker (slight modifications necessary), Xenon models, Trustfire T1-Q5, TR-B1/2/3, TR-C1 & 2, TR-Q5, TR-C2, Ultrafire 6P, 9P, 12P, C1, Alpha-C1, L2, WF-501A/B/C/D, WF-502B/C/D, WF-503B

Keywords: P60, P61, P60L, P61L, P90, P91, P90L, P91L, Upgrade
By Rob B.
Amazing drop in!
August 6, 2015
This is an absolutely fantastic upgrade to any older Surefire light- actually it's probably better than most of their newer ones, too. The first thing that strikes you when you open it is the construction. It's amazing! Incredibly overbuilt. The entire head is a solid brass heat sink to dissipate heat. Next the electronics are "potted", filled with an epoxy-like resin. This should make the unit nearly indestructible.

This wouldn't matter if the output wasn't impressive but fear not- it's fantastic! The beam is very good with a great balance of spot/spill. The color is much whiter than most of my Surefire lights which tend to be either too blue or tinged with green. This L in the M61L actually stands for "Low output" but in practical terms it's very powerful. No fudging on the specs, here! This one appears very bright for the rated lumens.

It's so amazing that I ordered the M61N (neutral) for another light.

If you have an older Surefire with a workable body but pitiful output- incan or older LED- then this is just the thing to bring it back from the dead! Highly recommended.
  • - Great color
  • - Outstanding output
  • - Superior build quality
  • - Perfect fit for Surefire P- and G-lights with no fuss
  • - A bit heavy due to being brass
  • - Somewhat expensive although truly worth every penny

Malkoff Devices M61L (Low Output) P60 Style Drop In Flashlight Upgrade Engine, 175 Lumens, with CREE XP-G LED (3.4-9V Input)

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