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Maxell SR44SW 303 165mAh 1.55V Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery - Hologram Packaging - 1 Piece Tear Strip, Sold Individually

Maxell 303 Battery Shown in Tear Strip
Larger Orders of Maxell 303 are Packaging in Tear Strips of 5 and in Boxes of 100
Maxell 303 Battery Shown in Tear Strip
Larger Orders of Maxell 303 are Packaging in Tear Strips of 5 and in Boxes of 100
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Maxell 303 Battery

Tear Strip Packaging, Sold Individually

The Maxell 303 battery is typically used as a watch battery replacement; however, the button-type battery is also compatible with calculators, medical instruments, cameras, office equipment, tram power supplies, and memory ICs and RTCs. This non-rechargeable power source is designed for use in long-drain devices and its silver oxide chemistry has been optimized to perform best with this type of electronic device. The Maxell 303 battery, also known as the SR44SW, provides a steady discharge current that maintains the battery's voltage throughout its lifespan. Unlike other button-type cells, like those with alkaline chemistry (LR), the Maxell 303 won't lower in performance until the battery is completely dead and at the end of its discharge life. In fact, alkaline and silver oxide button cell batteries are not interchangeable. When replacing your batteries, please make sure to stay with the same chemistry for optimal performance.

As the first company in Japan to successfully market button-type batteries, Maxell has become the go-to for powering small, specialty electronics. Over the years, the company has researched and developed a better silver oxide chemistry to keep these devices powered longer while also minimizing the batteries' effect on the environment. Please note that the Maxell 303 battery is sold in individual tear strips. When ordering in larger quantities, the button cells will be shipped in tear strips of five units, which are packaged in boxes of 100 (20 x tear strips of five.) We recommend placing an order in multiples of five. The Maxell 303, or SR44SW button-type battery, is the perfect choice for powering low-drain analog devices.


  • Stable discharge current maintains the voltage throughout the life of the battery
  • Excellent discharge load characteristics keep low-drain devices powered
  • Superior leakage resistance prevents damage to electronics
  • Mercury-free chemistry reduces the battery's impact on the environment
  • Equivalent Battery Types: Common AG13, Energizer 357 / BS07 / BSR44H / A76, Eveready 541 / EPX76 / S76E, Duracell 10L14 / 10SL17 / D357 / D76 / MS76 / MS76H, AWI S05 / S15, Beric BLR44, Bright Star S15, Bulova 228, Chateau AG13, Citizen 280-08 / 280-904 / CNB G13-A, Gold Peak GP57 / GP76 / GPA76, JIS G13F / G13R / GS13, Kodak KS76, Lumiscope 2018, Mallory LR44, Maxell 313 / LR44 / SR44P / SR07, MGA MGA-2200, Nexxtech 357A, Panasonic SP76 / SR44, Pentax LX S-76, Pentax ME Super / SR44 / LR44, Phillips A76, Radio Shack 357 / 23-009, Rayovac RS76 / RS76-2 / RW22 / RW42 / RW82, Renata 228 / R357, Seiko SB-F9, Sony 76-S, Timex KA / T535B, Toshiba SR44W / SR44SW, Varta V13GA / V76HS / V76PX, Vinnic L1154, 1166A, 1107SO, 1131SOP, S76, G13-A, CNB AG-13, V13GA, 303, 9, A, D303, RW32, S1154E, SR44, SR44SW, V303, S76E, S1154, MS76, V357, V76HS, V76PX, 303-1, SR44W, SG13


  • Battery Size: SR44SW / 303
  • Battery Chemistry: Silver Oxide
  • Nominal Voltage: 1.55V
  • Nominal Capacity: 165mAh
  • Nominal Discharge Current: 200μA
  • Dimensions:
    • Length - 0.213" (5.4 mm)
    • Diameter - 0.457" (11.6 mm)
  • Weight: 0.078 oz. (2.2 g)
Tear Strip Quantity Disclaimer
Battery Size:303 / 357 / SR44 / SR44SW
Battery Capacity (mAh):165
Battery Chemistry:Silver Oxide
Battery Voltage:1.55
Battery Terminal Type:Pressure Contact
Battery Shelf Life:5 Years
Packaging:Tear Strip
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Product Weight:0.078oz
Product Dimensions:0.213" (L) x 0.457" (Diameter)
Country of Origin:Japan
Associated Battery Sizes:1107SO, 1131SOP, 13GA, 157, 303, 303/357, 357, 541, 76A, 76PX, 76S, A76, AG13, AWI A01, AWI M02, AWI S05, Citizen 280-08, Citizen 280-62, D303/357, D357, EPX76, KS35, KS76, LR44, PX76, S76, SG13, SP357, SR1154, SR1154SW, SR44, SR44W, Seiko SB-A9, Seiko SB-B9, Timex A, Timex J, V357
By Eric
Minden, Nevada
The perfect backup battery for my TI-89 Titanium calculator.
November 21, 2017
The transaction to order and receive this battery was very satisfying. I'll always know to contact Battery Junction in the future for my specialty battery needs.
  • Shipping of the battery was quick and efficient.
  • No cons that I can think of.
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Maxell SR44SW 303 165mAh 1.55V Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery - Hologram Packaging - 1 Piece Tear Strip, Sold Individually

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