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MecArmy Batteries

Batteries to Power Your LED Flashlights

MecArmy batteries feature lithium-ion chemistry and are powerful enough to maintain an LED light's ultra-bright output and impressive runtime. If you're looking to buy a replacement battery for your flashlight or are a first-time buyer of MecArmy, these Li-ion batteries are sure to satisfy your illumination needs. From a 3400mAh 18650 battery with built-in micro USB charge port, to replacement battery packs for their more powerful search lights, we have every MecArmy battery available to power all of your portable electronics and lights.

Still shopping for the right LED flashlight? MecArmy offers a diverse selection of EDC lights, ranging from small keychain-based lights to impressively bright hand-held search lights. Check out their entire selection to find the right LED flashlight for your needs. Also available from MecArmy, is a unique collection tactical self-defense gear and accessories, including tactical pens and EDC coins. Don't forget to include MecArmy batteries with your purchase!