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Method Lights

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Gallery-Grade Picture Lights

Method Lights offers innovative picture lighting solutions for fine art. These patent-pending lighting fixtures are available in either wireless or socket-compatible designs and can be used to highlight artwork evenly and beautifully. Method Lights picture lighting solutions are ideally meant for use in spaces with difficult wiring configurations or those that have existing light fixtures, such as track lighting. Each fixture offers a range of fine adjustments, including color temperature, brightness, beam width, automatic timers and so much more.

ML200 Accent Light

The ML200 is the Method Lights' battery-operated light fixture that easily sticks to practically any flat surface. Simply peel, stick and secure the accent light to the ceiling. Use the included hardware for added security. The Method Lights ML200 picture light offers a 560-lumen output, when using a battery, thus making this fixture ideal for those with locations that are difficult to wire. Hallways, for example, typically only have one central light, or a few evenly distributed down the aisle. The ML200 accent light gives users the ability to showcase artwork in a professional manner, without the high costs of additional wiring.

ML-Direct Indoor Lighting Fixture

The ML-Direct is designed for use with existing lighting fixtures. Simply screw the LED picture light directly into a socket. The ML-Direct features a completely adjustable design, which allows users to easily angle a beam towards a specific painting or piece of artwork. The ML-Direct accent light offers a maximum output of 1700 lumens, which is the equivalent of a 75-watt bulb.

Customize & Personalize

Method Lights products differ from other indoor lighting fixtures because they give users complete control of the color temperature and bring out the true color of your art. For example, warm colors bring out yellows, oranges and reds, while cool temperatures really highlight blues and whites. Method Lights products also offer the ability to adjust the brightness levels, thus creating the desired atmosphere of the user. Finally, these indoor accent lights distribute light evenly across your artwork. The adjustable lens can increase or decrease the size of the beam diameter in order to illuminate an entire piece. With all of these personalizing features, Method Lights is truly "changing how we see art".