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Military Battery

Military Application Batteries

Military battery replacements are critical to the success of various departments within the US government and military defense program. Radio communications, emergency location transmitters, GPS systems, and even some missiles all require the use of a battery, whether as a primary or as a backup power source, in order to remain functional throughout a mission. Choosing the right military battery for your application is, therefore, more than just finding the best price for in-stock cells. It's important that these replacements are from a reliable source and are capable of handling the task at hand.

BatteryJunction.com is a leading online retailer of batteries, with over 1600 different battery and battery pack options, including those for military use. What sets BatteryJunction.com apart from its competitors is that we limit our selection to high-quality products that have been tried and tested. You won't find imitation or knockoff product on our website. We buy authentic product on which you can rely. In addition to our first-rate selection, we also have an unmatched understanding of the product itself. If you are unsure of a certain chemistry or battery size, our team of customer service representatives can help you find the right replacements for your needs. We here at BatteryJunction.com understand the incredible power batteries can truly have and we can help you learn how to harness that power towards the right application.

Lithium Power is Key

Ultralife is one of the more well-known brands that manufacturers military battery replacements. BatteryJunction.com is an authorized reseller of Ultralife products and currently offers a modest selection of products, including those designed specifically for use with the MIDS-LVT (Multi-functional Information Distribution System), or government communication tool. Most of these military battery replacements feature a lithium non-rechargeable chemistry for ultimate power and reliability. Most military and tactical applications rely on single-use lithium primary cells due to their stability in extreme temperatures, low self-discharge rates, and their extreme capacity. Lithium batteries also have an incredible shelf life for long-term storage - with lithium, users don't have to worry about the batteries expiring on the shelf right away. In addition to Ultralife, we also have a growing collection of lithium primary Saft batteries.

More Batteries for More Military Applications

Don't see the right military battery on our site? We are constantly updating and improving our selection of batteries, with daily additions to our online catalog. We also have strong relationships with the manufacturers, built upon years of longterm commitment. This trust gives us the ability to offer a more diverse and exclusive collection that you won't find elsewhere. If you need a special size or chemistry that you don't see on our site, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. If you need it, we can get it!