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Motion Detector Batteries

Replacement Batteries for Wireless Motion Sensors

Keep Your DIY Home Security Systems Powered Up

The latest trend in home security is for homeowners and businesses to set up their own systems using motion detectors, sensors, and cameras, and monitor those devices using a phone-based app or a central control station. Setting up these home security systems is easy, cost-efficient, and are effective at keeping your property monitored and protected. An important point that many homeowners and businesses may overlook during the initial installation is that many of these wireless devices require batteries. While replacing the batteries is an effortless task, determining ahead of time what size and quantity you'll need are difficult and often forgotten. Here at BatteryJunction, we've taken the guesswork out of powering your security systems by compiling this list of motion detector batteries. We've taken the time to review the most popular brands and models currently out on the market and have put together a list of replacement batteries that are reliable enough to power the system on which you rely to keep your property safe.

What Are Motion Detectors?

For starters, it is important to clarify what we are considering motion sensors when reviewing the various accessories that are available for your DIY home security system. During our analysis, we considered any independent tool used to capture movement within the property as a motion detector. This includes two-piece door monitors, window sensors, hallway detectors, and glass sensors. The majority of these accessories are utilized as individual, add-on components to your security system and can be added to the setup over time. For example, the initial setup up may include just door sensors for the front and the back of the house; however, over time you may feel it is necessary to add window sensors to those on the first floor of your house. Regardless, all of these devices offer some type of notification system that tells a user when motion is detected. Whether it is a chime of a bell, the illumination of a light or even a text on your cell phone, all of these wireless motion detectors are used as the front line of defense for keeping intruders out of your property. For this reason alone, it is important to keep them fully powered and working at all times.

Rechargeable versus Non-Rechargeable

The majority of the products and brands we researched require the use of primary, non-rechargeable batteries. This is due to the long-term use required by motion sensors. Over time, the rechargeable cells will lose their charge more rapidly. There is also the potential issue that the home security motion detectors may not be able to detect whether the rechargeable cell is low as easily. Low-drain devices, such as door sensors, use only occasionally use power, over a long period of time. Disposable batteries lose power at a much slower rate than rechargeable batteries and therefore are the more suitable match for home security systems. For the utmost amount of protection, we recommend setting up a calendar reminder or an alert in your home security system's control station that notifies you every six months to change the batteries within your devices. While most offer a "low battery" notification, it is important that these security systems are continuously powered and ready to work.

Alkaline versus Lithium

Now that we've determined that you will need non-rechargeable, disposable batteries to power your motion detectors, it's important to distinguish between the different chemistries available. While lithium batteries typically last longer, offer longer shelf lives, and work more efficiently in extreme temperatures, there are other factors to consider when selecting the right replacement batteries for your needs. Price is certainly a factor, as lithium cells are typically more expensive. Some motion detectors may also require a certain voltage to operate correctly - 1.5V for alkaline cells versus 3V for lithium, typically. During our research, we made it a point to include what battery chemistry works best with each device. We understand just how important it is for your motion detectors to work properly and for long periods of time. Don't skimp out on replacing your devices' batteries because it's a hassle or it's expensive. We've done the work for you so that you can be protected at all times.

Shop Replacement Batteries for Your Home Security System

The world of DIY home security systems is new and is constantly improving and shuffling. If you don't see your brand's model or device listed, don't fret. We are constantly researching the different systems out of the market so that we can provide you with reliable information for keeping your property safe. Feel free to contact our knowledgeable customer service team who can help you determine whether or not you are selecting the best replacement batteries for your individual setup. Feel free to also visit our main home security batteries page, which details out what batteries are needed for your smoke detectors, security cameras, and other accessories. Have a certain brand already and want to update your entire system all at once? No problem! We also have brand-based pages, such as for Nest and for SimpliSafe, that help you determine what replacement batteries you will need for all of the different components within an entire DIY home security system.

Motion Sensor & Detector Batteries

Brand Model Battery Size Quantity Chemistry We Recommend
Nest Detect CR123A 1 Lithium Panasonic CR123A
SimpliSafe Entry & Motion Sensors CR123A 1 Lithium Duracell CR123A
Honeywell 5898, 5800PIR-OD, 5816OD AA 4,2 Lithium Energizer L91
5818, 5820L AAA 1 Lithium Energizer L91
5806, 5809, 5806W3, 5808W3, 5808, 5800COMBO CR123A 1,2,4 Lithium Duracell CR123A
5800MICRA, 5800RPS CR1620 1 Lithium Panasonic CR1620
5800MINI CR2032 1 Lithium Sony CR2032
5814 CR2430 1 Lithium Energizer CR2430
Doberman SE-0104 9V 1 Alkaline Duracell MN1604
SE-0134A AA 3 Alkaline Energizer E91
SABRE WP-DWS AAA 2 Alkaline Duracell MN2400
WP-MS 9V 1 Alkaline Duracell MN1604
2GIG DW20R CR2 1 Lithium Panasonic CR2
GB1, PIR1 CR123A 2, 1 Lithium Panasonic CR123A
Skylink DWD-MT, GS-MT-2 AAA 1 Alkaline Duracell MN2400
PS-MT AA 1 Alkaline Duracell MN1500
Samsung SmartThings F-WTR-US-2 CR2 1 Lithium Duracell CR2
F-ARR-US-2 CR2032 1 Lithium Sony CR2032
F-CEN-IRM-1, F-MLT-US-2 CR2450 1 Lithium Duracell CR2450
F-IRM-US-2 CR2477 1 Lithium Sony CR2477