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Nite Ize Batteries

Replacement Coin Cell Batteries from Nite Ize

Nite Ize is a leading manufacturer of innovation illumination tools, such as LED glow sticks, glow necklaces and marker bands. The characteristic that truly differentiates their light-up products from the competition is that they are reusable! In the past, we used to grab that single-use glow necklace, snap the band to activate the glowing chemical and go on to enjoy the night. When the necklace ran out of illumination power, we'd toss it in the trash and move on. Nite Ize has taken these light-up products and has pushed them to the next level by powering them with Nite Ize batteries. Now there is no limit to how many times you can utilize your glowing party supplies. Now you can even incorporate these visibility tools into your everyday life, increasing your safety and your fun.

Nite Ize batteries are currently available in two sizes, L1154 and AG-3, both of which are compatible with a selection of light-up products from Nite Ize. When it comes to buying replacement coin cell batteries, it is important to buy the same or the equivalent size batteries. The use of a battery with a significantly higher voltage, for example, can potentially damage your equipment. Employing a battery with a different chemistry may lead to a shorter lifespan or even a failure to operate. Nite Ize batteries are therefore the best choice of power source when it comes to replacing the batteries in your Nite Ize illumination products.

Works with LED Necklaces

The NiteHowl and the NiteLife LED necklaces run on either two or three (depending on the color) 1154 batteries, which are included with your initial purchase. These glowing necklaces are perfect for use during festivals, parties, and other nighttime celebrations to keep your friends and family members festive yet easy to find. The NiteHowl LED necklace is great for nighttime walks with your dog as it keeps them easily visible for both you and for passing by motorists. These battery-powered lighted necklaces last longer than chemical glow necklaces and can even turn off in-between use! Additionally, these LED necklaces are safer to use.

Compatible with LED Glow Sticks

Nite Ize batteries are also suitable for use in the Mini LED Glowstick and the Flashflight Disc Golf Target Light, which is a great illumination tools for keeping you and your disc golf target easily visible. This miniature marker light source features a #0 plastic S-biner that can easily attach to your jacket or to a bag. Going camping with friends and are afraid you might get lost on your way to the bathroom? The Mini LED Glowstick will help your friends find you in the woods when you do. This marker light is powered by four AG-3 Nite Ize batteries, which are easily replaced by simply unscrewing the handle.

These Nite Ize batteries are designed for use in various Nite Ize illumination products; however, they can also be used in a variety of other portable electronics. Are you looking for a different size, such as the CR2016 for the Nite Ize SpotLit collar lights? BatteryJunction.com offers a wide variety of battery brands, sizes, and chemistries to suit every power need. Whether you are looking to replace the batteries in your watch or the batteries in your home security system, we have what you will need to keep your electronic devices powered and running. Please feel free to browse through our entire selection of batteries today or click into the search bar if you know exactly what size or chemistry you need.