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Nitecore 25.4mm Filters - Choose Red, Green, Blue or White Diffuser - Works with MT2C, MH1A, MH2A, MH1C, MH2C, P12, P10, EC1, EC2, EA1 & EA2

Nitecore NITECORE-NF25MM-OPT alternate view 1
Nitecore NITECORE-NF25MM-OPT alternate view 2
Nitecore NITECORE-NF25MM-OPT alternate view 3
Nitecore NITECORE-NF25MM-OPT alternate view 4
Nitecore NITECORE-NF25MM-OPT alternate view 5
Nitecore NITECORE-NF25MM-OPT alternate view 6
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Nitecore 25.4mm Filters

These Nitecore 25.4mm filters convert the focused high-output beam of a normal Nitecore flashlight into a soft, wide angle, diffused flood beam. The Nitecore accessories are great for close-up and low-light applications, such as wide area lighting, short distance reading, camping, hunting and much more! The 25.4mm filters are made from high-grade plastic materials and are therefore resistant to extreme temperatures and strong impacts. These accessories are available in the following colors/options: red, green, blue and a diffuser attachment.

Red light is used to preserve the eye's natural adjusted night vision; it will disturb eyes the least of all colors which helps your eyes to stay adjusted for night conditions. Red light provides great contrast and is not visible to the human eye over long distances.

Blue filters are often used by hunters to track wounded game at night because blood stands out more distinctly against foliage when viewed under blue light.

Green filters, on the other hand, are ideal for fishermen because it is a very soft light that will not alert the game; however green lighting is brighter than all the other colors, which makes it easier for navigation. Green lighting also makes it easier for others to see you.

The 25.4mm diffuser is ideally meant for cycling, reading or for close-range illumination.

  • Premium double-sided mineral-coated glass lens provides high light transmittance and excellent heat resistance
  • With the lens removed the filter may be used as a bezel protector
  • Color Options / MPN:
    • Red / NFR25
    • Green / NFG25
    • Blue / NFB25
    • White Diffuser / NFD25
  • Compatible with:
    • MT2C
    • MH1A
    • MH2A
    • MH1C
    • MH2C
    • EC1
    • EC2
    • EA1
    • EA2
    • P12
    • P10
    • & Most lights with a Head Diameter of 25.4mm
By Tom
Roselle, IL
Good Filters, Fit Many Lights
December 31, 2016
Bought a number of these, Red, Green, and Blue, for accessory gifts to accompany Sunwayman C10R flashlights given for Christmas 2016. The body of the Nitecore NF's is a flexible silicone rubber that provides both give and cling when fit to lights with bezel diameters of "about" 1" (25.4mm). Many lights fall in this category, making these filters quite useful. In fact I use the NFG23 (23mm) with a Fenix E15, whose bezel diameter is 22mm... if the fit is a bit too loose for your comfort, snapping a small rubber band around the bezel adds an extra mm or so. Fit of the NFx25's to the C10R's was perfect.
Light attenuation is to be expected, after all, the filter allows only that desired portion of the light spectral distribution of light produced by the "white" LED through, so much of the output can be blocked.
  • Nitecore's 25.4mm Filters will fit a variety of flashlights with 1" bezels, feel free to use these for your 1" bezel lights even if not Nitecore brand.
  • Attach well with a silicone rubber housing's give and cling
  • Good value
By Randy
Hagerstown, MD
Good Product
June 22, 2016
Created the diffuse beam I expected and wanted. Using them on a Nitecore EC11 and Fenix PD35-2014.
  • Great service from Battery Junction. Prompt shipment and fast delivery even with a holiday weekend factored in.
  • None so far.
By Bill M.
No struggle filters
February 2, 2023
These colored filters work fine for their intended purposes. But what I like best is the soft rubble body that does not lock/stick on the flashlight and make removal a nasty job. Excellent design.
By Aaron
Columbus, OH
Fits just about any flashlight out there.
April 7, 2020
These diffusers are most definitely some of the best when it comes to light distribution, still maintaining quite a bit of your throw ( im referring to your flashlight shining at least a good 300 meters plus before you throw on the diffuser cap ) and of course there made by Nitecore.
So. Cal.
Perfect fit and price
May 5, 2019
I got these filters in red and diffuser. They fit a few of my Nitecores as well as several other brand flashlights I have. Battery junction had the best price I could find as well.
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Nitecore 25.4mm Filters - Choose Red, Green, Blue or White Diffuser - Works with MT2C, MH1A, MH2A, MH1C, MH2C, P12, P10, EC1, EC2, EA1 & EA2

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