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Niteye MSA10 Compact LED Flashlight - 160 Lumens - Uses 1 x AA

Niteye MSA10  Compact LED Flashlight - 160 Lumens - Uses 1 x AA
Niteye MSA10  Compact LED Flashlight - 160 Lumens - Uses 1 x AA
Niteye MSA10  Compact LED Flashlight - 160 Lumens - Uses 1 x AA
Niteye MSA10  Compact LED Flashlight - 160 Lumens - Uses 1 x AA
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Niteye MSA10  Compact LED Flashlight - 160 Lumens - Uses 1 x AA
Niteye MSA10  Compact LED Flashlight - 160 Lumens - Uses 1 x AA
Niteye MSA10  Compact LED Flashlight - 160 Lumens - Uses 1 x AA
Niteye MSA10  Compact LED Flashlight - 160 Lumens - Uses 1 x AA
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The Niteye MSA10 is a unique everyday carry flashlight. Its compact size allows it to be taken anywhere and its innovative interface truly sets it apart from the pack. Powered by a single AA battery, the MSA10 generates 160 lumens with its advanced XM-L U2 LED. The light is activated using the tail switch and modes are selected by rotating the magnetic control ring, also located at the tail. Modes include a high mode, a strobe mode, and a user-defined low setting. To select your desired low output, set the ring to the low position and press-and-hold the tail switch. Once the switch is held for more than a second, the output will grow and dim alternately, allowing you to stop the dimming at the exact output you're looking for. The ability to customize your low setting adds a level of versatility to the MSA10 that is lacking in other devices. You can choose to have an ultra-low lumen setting ideal for map reading, or a more mid-range output more suitable to searching through a tent or confined space. The MSA10 is built from tough aluminum components and features O-ring sealed parts that are resistant to water, dirt, and dust. An red/green LED power indicator on the tail switch keeps you informed of your battery life.

  • Anodized aircraft grade aluminum body
  • IPX-8 Water resistance
  • Anodized aerospace aluminum body
  • User-defined low mode adds versatility to the interface
  • Magnetic control ring is used in conjunction with tail-switch
  • Red/green LED power indicator on the tail switch

  • LED: 1 X CREE XM-L U2
  • Runs on: 1 x AA battery (Battery not included)
  • Output/Runtime:
    • Turbo: 160 Lumens/1 Hour
    • Custom Low: 5~80 Lumens/20 Hours
  • Beam Distance: 97 Meters
  • Beam Intensity: 2350cd
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 4.13" (105mm)
    • Diameter: .9" (24mm)
  • Weight (w/o batteries): 2.7oz (77g)
Runtime (Hours):120-20-
Output Modes:3+ Brightness Levels
Compatible Batteries:1 x AA
Batteries Included:No
Flashlight Usage:Every Day Carry
Throw Distance (Max):97m
Switch Location:Tailcap
Product Certifications:IPX-8
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty, JETBeam 2 Year Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Primary Material:Anodized Aluminum
Product Weight:2.7oz
Product Dimensions:4.13" (L) x 0.9" (Diameter)
Country of Origin:CN
16 Reviews
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31% (5)
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13% (2)
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69% Recommend this product (11 of 16 responses)
By Bob Rip
Richmond VAE
December 12, 2017
Good quality flashlight, but a little bulky
This is a well built light, very bright with an easily adjustable low level. It is kinda of bulky for a single AA Flashlight. The user interface is good and it is very easy to change modes and avoid the strobe mode.
ProsBright, well built and good user interface.
ConsA little bulky Too nitpick I would like the bright level to be adjustable.
By Stephen
May 16, 2017
Nice light
Got this on sale and am very happy with it. Simple, straightforward controls.
ProsAdjustable low level
ConsSeems to suck batteries a bit more than I expected
March 24, 2017
Eveybody can use.
I've purchase them 4 for my family. And I may be lucky that they don't have any problem. They are work very well.
ProsIt is a flashlight that very easy to use and carry. Excluding use AA 1.5V alcaline, It can use 1.2V NiMH rechargeable battery.
Cons*Can not use 14500 Lithium battery.
By Wes
April 29, 2016
Not dependable
It is a great little flashlight when it works ...... but sometime it does and sometime it does not. Something is wrong with it and the on/off switch does not always turn the light 'on' , at times I have to shake the flashlight or hit it against my hand for the light o go 'on'. At times the light goes off , without touching anything. Not a dependable light. I changed the batteries several times and it acts the same way.regardless what battery is in.
ProsVery good bright light when it works.
ConsIt works when it wants too.
By John Alexander
Kenton, Ohio
April 26, 2016
This is one of my top favorites for an Every Day Carry Flashlight and uses cheap easy to find AA batteries as a power source, activation switch is very easy to use, and when you get these on sale don't miss out!
ProsAA battery to power Great EDC Size is just right Looks and functioned perfectly
ConsAbsolutely none that I can think of!
By Earl
White Stone, VA
April 26, 2016
For the size I thought it should hold more batteries meaning a brighter light.
By Jim
Twin Cities, Minnesota
February 25, 2016
Niteye MSA 10
Overall I really like this light with its rear control and the variations it offers. I wanted something that wasn't too powerful and could be adjusted to a low level. The build quality and feel are great. What I haven't liked is that it goes through batteries really fast. Thankfully it uses the inexpensive and readily available AA battery.
ProsBuild quality and variable light control.
ConsEats batteries.
Kirkland, WA
November 11, 2015
Failed after 2 months
Worked great first month. Perfect for my use. Not too bright but brighter than a standard Maglite 2AA. Then for no reason it just didn't turn on 1 day. 2 weeks after the 30 day return policy. Contacted Niteye (Jetbeam) for warranty which they accepted so I paid to ship it back to China. 2 Months go by so I contacted Jetbeam and they said they never received the item. I tracked the package and it only shows it leaving the USA but never reaching China. The USPS says tracking is almost impossible once it leaves the US. So now my trust in there products has hit rock bottom and I'll probably never buy another Jetbeam/Niteye light again.
ProsWorked great when I received it. Battery Junction was fast and flawless as always.
ConsDied 2 months after purchase. Warranty/returns is a joke.
March 25, 2015
Great little light, well built. Nice and heavy (feels substantial). If you're looking for light weight...pick something else. Uses AA (convenient) OR even better, using a 14500 rechargeable (SUPER BRIGHT). Good size, not too small not too big. Nice functional tailcap. Allows easy, quick access to brightness levels...I set first level (programmable) to lowest setting, and second setting is max. So it's easy to get just a little bit of light, like getting around at night OR lighting up the backyard like a floodlight. Would definitely recommend.
Prosgood primary light
Consnone really?
By Tony Triton
Eastern U.S.
February 4, 2015
Beautifully made light, but...
The workmanship on this light is top-end Jetbeam, beautiful machined finish. I like the unique tail switch, and that's the one aspect I wasn't sure if I would like, but as one reviewer pointed out, it can easily be accidentally turned on from the 'lockout' position, especially if you want to carry this loose in a pocket (I don't). The pocket clip works well, but it's kinda sharp on the fingers if you use the 'cigar' hold when using the light. The beam quality is floody with a smooth transition to a brighter center. It's good for checking medium sized indoor rooms and areas, such as on security patrols. The light is designed to run on one AA battery, but appears to tolerate a 14500 Li-Ion within limitations: Some reviewers say not to operate it on the high mode if you use the higher-powered Li-Ion because it will, if left on long enough, cause heat damage. The light is not bright enough to suit me with just the AA battery. The temptation to run it on high with the 14500 is VERY great. The bottom line is that there is nothing that I can think of that this light can do that the Nitecore P12 can't do a lot better. For the price I paid for this light on Black Friday sale, it was marginally worth that, but for the MSRP, or even the usual sale price of $54.75 - NO. It may be comparing apples to oranges, but the only slightly larger Nitecore P12, for under $60, has a range from much lower brightness than this light, to a blinding 1000 lumens and can be configured to come on at any of those levels. The Nitecore EC20 is over 900 lumens and costs around $45. It can also be configured to operate at very low levels if you use it indoors, as well as at the max output from off. Either would be a much better deal, imho, than the Niteye MSA10.
ProsPROS: Beautiful workmanship (you can tell it was made by Jetbeam, because it looks like a Jetbeam). Innovative tailswitch operation. Small light will fit in pocket, or can be clipped there with the good, tight pocket clip.
ConsCONS: Output of this light is not competitive with other lights in its price class. It is not bright enough for street use, even on high with Li-Ion battery in it. It eats batteries fairly fast , especially AA's (not really a defect - if you want more run time, get the model that uses 2AA's or the one that will run on 2 CR123A's or one 18650 - but why, when you could have a Nitecore?); No holster. Sharp edges on pocket clip are uncomfortable to hold between the fingers. Considering what else is out there in the same price class, I could not recommend this light.
By EAPellow
December 12, 2014
My new EDC
I've had this light for over a week now and have used it a number of times already. The beam has a wide enough spot for close-up work, and has a pretty good throw as well. Color is great (white, only slight tint, and I think this emitter might be a fairly high CRI). The function of the rotary switch is flawless, and I prefer it over reverse-clickies. The light has a few aspects that are ideal for me in a light: the rotary switch for one, and the adjustable brightness mode. I only wish they made one with a Coast style flood-to-spot function. This is definitely my go-to light from now on.
ProsAccording to the manufacturer, you can get away with using 14500 lithium cells to direct drive the emitter (which is a high voltage emitter rated up to 10W), but it should be operated at a lower brightness setting on the adjustable output mode, and the low battery indicator will not function as it is voltage specific. Running it at high for a long time on lithium cells could cause heat damage, but it's SO BRIGHT when you do. The battery tube has ample room, so no trouble fitting protected cells. Otherwise, these run just fine on AA's, though there are times where the high output is not bright enough. But if you want that output on AA's, I'd go with the 2-cell version of this light.
ConsKnurling pattern is not very deep, so, without a lanyard, this could slip out of your hands pretty easily, especially if you switch from underhand to overhand in order to operate the rotary switch. The clip, while easy to change orientations, is too easily removed and will likely get lost (or lose the flashlight).
By Scott
Western NC
December 6, 2014
Bang for the Buck
In addition to NiMH AAs, this light also functions with a 14500 battery although not specified by the manufacturer. It is extremely bright with a 14500....certainly one of the best values lumens/dollar. The rotary switch is very easy to accidentally turn on, but one can rotate the housing slightly to break the contact for a makeshift lock-out function. With the 14500, the LOW mode is not very low....probably still over 40 lumens. The HIGH mode is probably well over 300 lumens. Assuming the circuit can handle the higher voltage long term, this light plus a 14500 battery offers huge bang for the buck.
By Zach
Carmel, Indiana
November 28, 2014
Tough little light!
Ive had this light for a while now and while it isnt the brightest or the lightest it is a very well built flashlight. The anodizing was perfect . the beam is very clean ....free of artifacts And the rear twisty is a pretty neat innovation from the regular rotary ring type...which allows a certain degree of infinitely variable output. The threads are nicely cut on this and there are no flaws in the reflector. I have bought more than one of these for gifts and backups and they tend to be warmer on the the tint side. But the ouput is very useable...moreso than my other larger lights.
ProsBuilt like a tank Infinitely variable Easy access to custom settings Extremely usable beam Battery indicator in rear button
ConsNot the brightest AA flashlight around or the lightest Threads are a bit dirty from the manufacturer putting on too much lubrication
By Matt
Sayreville, NJ
November 25, 2014
Pretty awesome on a 14500
Apparently these can run on 14500 cells. MUCH brighter when you do so, about 500 lumens. Machining, surface prep, and anodizing is very nice. The only real problem is the magnetic switch. It has bright, adjustable low, firefly off, and strobe. The firefly mode would be useful on it's own, but it is in theory the rotary off position and power button lockout. Except it doesn't lockout the rotary switch. Which makes it pretty easy to turn on accidentally from the lockout position. At the black friday price it's awesome. At MSRP? No.
Prosgood size, good finish, good output on 14500 cells.
Consmagnetic switch is easy to turn on, and the lockout doesn't really work very well.
By Nick
Columbus, Ohio
September 5, 2014
Not as bright as some
I just received the light today and it didn't look as bright as my current 511 TMT A1 with 130 lumens, the 511 seems to be a lot brighter. If it's 160, I don't know where they are
ProsIt's small and uses 1 AA
ConsNot as bright as it should be
By Flashlight User
May 3, 2014
Premium Quality Flashlight.
Received my Niteye MSA10 yesterday. This is my first experience with Niteye products. Since I have only owned the light two days I can only talk about my first impression of the light. I worked doing machining for a time. This light has the highest quality machining I have seen from any flashlight made in China. It is done to a very, very high degree of precision. The beam quality is very good. The constant current output is the best compared to all my other flashlights. It has the purest white light of all my XM-L U2 lights. In a year I will add a very short review of how the light held up.
ProsPremium quality build. Pure white light. Easy to use.
ConsBody tube is much lager than AA sized battery. This does not however cause the battery to rattle in anyway in the tube. Same body tube as the MSC10 ? No lanyard. But that is clearly stated in the description. I understood no lanyard at time of purchase.
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Niteye MSA10 Compact LED Flashlight - 160 Lumens - Uses 1 x AA

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