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Niteye Flashlights

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Niteye makes some of the world's brightest LED flashlights!

Niteye is a LED flashlight manufacturer specializing in high quality LED lights and light kits for outdoor riders and enthusiasts. Niteye was created by a group of professional designers and machinists, who have a great interest in bicycle riding and outdoor sports. Every light is beautifully crafted from aircraft grade billet aluminum and is equipped with the latest in LED technology, so you can enjoy the pleasure, speed, and passion of the outdoors. Niteye LED lights can meet your demands for multi-functions all while keeping a high quality standard of illumination. Niteye focuses on delivering the best in bicycle lights, tactical lights, every-day-carry, and high-end LED lights; so you can focus on what's going on around you. Niteye - it's like having another bright eye!