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Nyogel 760g Lubricant 57g Tube

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This item is Discontinued
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Are the threads on your flashlight getting gritty? Do you feel the resistance every time you unscrew the head or tailcap of our light? Treat your flashlight to Nyogel!

Flashlights require occasional maintenance just as a car needs an oil change every now and then. Nyogel is a silica thickened, medium viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease used for lubrication and protection to electrical contacts. A dab of Nyogel on the threads and o-rings of your flashlight will help protect from the elements and help keep water from getting in.

Unscrew the head of your flashlight and clean the threads thoroughly with a paper towel or cloth. A little isopropyl alcohol can help cleaning the threads if there is a lot of dirt. Once you've cleaned the threads and contacts until you are not getting any more dirt, put a small amount of Nyogel on the threads and o-rings and distribute it evenly. A little bit goes a long way.

Your flashlight will now be much smoother and you'll have that satisfied feeling that you get after brushing your teeth (and flossing). This tube of lube will make using your flashlight a more pleasurable experience.

Nyogel Specifications

Lubricant Properties Typical Value Test Method
Recommended Service Range (°C) -40 to 135
Thickener Silica
Base Oil
(Synthetic Oil 176)
Type PAO
Kinematic Viscosity
cSt (mm2/s)
100°C 39.4 ASTM D-445
40°C 390
-40°C -
Viscosity Index 150 ASTM D-2270
Flash Point (°C) 300 ASTM D-92
Pour Point (°C) -30 ASTM D-97
Typical Properties of the Grease
Color, Apperance Water White, Smooth
1/10 mm
Unworked 266 ASTM D-217
Worked 60 X 275
10,000 X -
100,000 X -
NLGI Grade 2
Density gm/cc 25°C 0.88 ASTM D-1480
Dropping Point (°C) 260 ASTM D-2265
Oil Separation 24 hours 100°C 1.5% FTM 791B, 321.2
Evaporation 24 hours 150°C 0.3% ASTM D-972
Water Washout 60 minutes 80°C 2%
Copper Corrosion 24 hours 100°C 1A, Slight Tarnish ASTM D-4048
4 Ball Wear 60 min., 1200 RPM
40 kg. load
75°C - ASTM D-2266
150°C -
Low Temperature
Torque (-40°C)
Starting Torque - ASTM D-1478
Running Torque 10 minutes -
Running Torque 60 minutes -
Oxidative Stability 168 hours 100°C 10.2 kPa ASTM D-942
Dielectric Strength V/mil 112
Volume Resistivity Ω-cm 1.9 x 1016 ASTM D-257
Bearing Rust Test - ASTM D-1743
Apparent Viscosity -
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By Tom E.
Deer Park, NY
Generally considered the best thread lubricant, period
May 17, 2014
I've used this tube for nearly 2 years on countless # of flashlights of my own and many others I've worked on, from $3 AA zoomies to Mag's, Fenix, ThruNite, etc. It is the best lubricant out there. It is sold under many names and labels. ArmyTek re-labels it and sells it. Zebra uses it on their new flashlights. Auto manufacturers brand it as their own, but research or fine print labeling has proved it's Nyogel 760g. It provides excellent protection, safe for O-rings, gives that smooth high quality feeling to thread connections. It can't make up for every poor cut, low quality thread cuts, but it certainly helps. Though it doesn't claim to be electrically conductive,
  • - Excellent quality, top rated almost everywhere
  • - lasts long - exc. endurance
  • - will not damage O-rings
  • - excellent value for this size tube
  • - on cheaper threads, it can turn gray after some use
  • - relatively expensive (worth it)
  • - not thru electrically conductive (but it seems to improve electrical threaded connections at times)
By daniel M.
February 23, 2012
Nyogel I applied to the threads of my Surefire, is fluid and it slides well.

Nyogel 760g Lubricant 57g Tube

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