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Olight ORB-186P34 18650 3400mAh 3.6V Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Button Top Battery - Plastic Box or Retail Card

Olight ORB-186P34 18650 3400mAh 3.6V Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Button Top Battery - Plastic Box or Retail Card
Olight ORB-186P34 18650 3400mAh 3.6V Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Button Top Battery - Plastic Box or Retail Card
Olight ORB-186P34 18650 3400mAh 3.6V Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Button Top Battery - Plastic Box or Retail Card
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Olight ORB-186P34 18650 3400mAh 3.6V Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Button Top Battery - Plastic Box or Retail Card
Olight ORB-186P34 18650 3400mAh 3.6V Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Button Top Battery - Plastic Box or Retail Card
Olight ORB-186P34 18650 3400mAh 3.6V Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Button Top Battery - Plastic Box or Retail Card

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18650 3.6V 3400mAh

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

When you need to power up your Olight LED Flashlights, nothing will provide you with more reliable electricity than the Olight 18650. This battery is a rechargeable lithium ion battery with low self discharge and an impressive 3.6 Volts of power, perfect for any flashlight or device that requires an 18650. For extra long run times on your favorite electronics, the Olight 18650 is packed with 3400mAh capacity, one of the most energy dense batteries available! Olight batteries are made to the highest quality standards with full PCB protection that prevents over-charging or over discharging, as well as a 500 Recharge Cycle lifespan that makes these batteries a great value!

  • 500 recharge cycles
  • Triple over-heat protection
  • Over-discharge protection
  • High capacity at low temperature (-10°C)
  • Higher capacity and lower weight than other rechargeable batteries
  • Higher energy density
  • Free from leakage of Liquid Electrolyte
  • Retail-style Carded Package
  • Battery Size: 18650
  • Chemistry: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Capacity: 3400mAh
  • Charge current: 1700mA (0.5C)
  • Maximum charge current: 3600mA (1C)
  • Maximum discharge current: 4200mA
  • Diameter: 0.7" (18.6mm)
  • Height: 2.7" (69.5mm)
  • Weight: 1.7 oz (49g)
Battery Size:18650
Battery Capacity:3400mAh
Battery Chemistry:Li-Ion
Battery Voltage:3.6 / 3.7
Battery Terminal Type:Button Top
Battery Shelf Life:3 Years
Product Certifications:CE, RoHS
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty, Olight 1 Year Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Product Weight:1.728oz
Product Dimensions:2.736" (L) x 0.732" (Diameter)
Country of Origin:CN
Associated Battery Sizes:168A, 18650, 19670, Protected 18650, Unprotected 18650
41 Reviews
95% (39)
5% (2)
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98% Recommend this product (40 of 41 responses)
By Joe
Oakville, CT
September 3, 2017
A quality battery
A quality battery from a a good company. Powerful and reliable.
By David
Placerville, CA
July 7, 2017
Very good battery. Some other brands that claim to hold a charge for long periods of time, not so much. These do.
ProsGood run time. Comes with a case.
By Joe
May 2, 2017
Favorite 18650
I own about 10 of these 18650s. I have purchased them from various vendors. They hold their charge very well. They also seem to deliver their claimed capacity, unlike some cheaper cells. Have not had any fit issues in any of my lights.
By Thomas
Centre, AL
March 7, 2017
Quality battery
Long lasting, fast charge
ProsBattery life, high output
By Peak adventure
December 28, 2016
Works great!
Does the job and holds a charge!
ProsKeeps its charge
By Chuck1252
December 16, 2016
I received the batteries exactly as described. Could not be happier with the transaction.
ProsPerfect transaction.
By Greg
Tupelo, MS
September 27, 2016
good battery
this battery hold juice longer than 2 CR123a's do so I don't have to charge as often. I would recommend this to anyone wanting more power that lasts longer
By Shane
Adel, GA
August 16, 2016
Great battery
Olight is great brand. Never lets me down
ProsHolds charge well. Everything
March 9, 2016
By Aric
Enfield, CT
March 2, 2016
Great battery
Long life in my flashlight, and a long life in general. I've had these Batteries before about a year and a half and I've been using them daily. They haven't let me down yet.
ProsLong cycle lifespan
By Alan
Traverse City, MI
December 11, 2015
Great battery
First Olight battery I've had. Good power, charge well. Seem very well built and of good quality. Would not hesitate to buy more and probably will!
ProsPower Charging
By jesse
rossville, GA
December 7, 2015
olight 18650 3400mAh battery
I have six of these battery's in various flashlights that I've have used now for about a year and so far they all still work great and a charge lasts a long time. One of these a nitecore p-10 with one of these battery's I use at work daily and both have held up great.
ProsSo far long life, the outer wrap has held up real good,they last for about two weeks if used a lot daily before needing a recharge and they fit in all my 18650 flashlights with no problems.
Conswish they were on sale more often
By Travis Yeadon
Mount Vernon, NY 10550
November 14, 2015
These are very good batteries
ProsLong lasting and solid make
By Chandler
October 20, 2015
Outstanding batteries
This is my second set of Olight 18650 batteries I've purchased from Battery Junction. They work tremendously well. I just purchased another device needing two 18650s, so I needed two additional ones. Getting the 3400 mAh ones is well worth the extra money.
ProsRecharge quickly; hold a charge a long time when not in use; and last a long time when used.
By craig
Newmanstown, PA
September 19, 2015
Great battery
These run a long time and have little fade at the end.
ProsLong-lasting; holds charge great
By Eric
East Palo Alto, CA
September 3, 2015
3.6V NOT 3.7!!
I assumed all 18650 came standard at 3.7V, I was clearly wrong. While these are great batteries with high capacity their voltage is not sufficient to get full power out of some lights. Notably, the Nitecore TM16 I just purchased runs fully charged on 3.7v x4 18650. The Olight 3.6 work fine, but the light indicator never reads fully charged because the voltage is baseline on the lower end. This I will have to buy 4 new 3.7V 18650 to maximize my light. Very frustrating and a clearer distinction should be made.
ProsGreat battery long life high capacity
ConsUnder powered battery
By Tracy
Northern Nevada
September 1, 2015
Good batteries
They fit in my charger nice and make my flashlights turn on.
ProsDecent price and they do what they're supposed to.
ConsNone so far
By Will
Deering, NH
July 7, 2015
Charge me up.
I have had other rechargeable batteries, but the Olights, in my opinion, recharge better. They hold a charge longer.
By Bill
Scottsdale, AZ
May 26, 2015
Awesome Battery
These little batteries work great and hold a charge for a long time they are perfect for high drain applications like flashlights.
By Tony
Central PA, USA
April 21, 2015
No problems experienced
These excellent quality cells are performing just fine for me. I cannot offer a high-tech review with discharge graphs, etc., but I can say these are running my lights and the lights I gave this Christmas as gifts without any incidents. In average use, these go a long time between charges.
ProsHigh quality Attractive design Working fine for me - no incidents or problems
By Ed
March 21, 2015
Olight 18650
Received one with my Olight S30R light and liked it's performance so bought another for a back up. I Quickly started using it on my Nitecores (MH10 and P12) because of the good run times I was getting with the S30R.
Proseasy/quick charging, good run times value for the price
By Brian
Saginaw, MI
February 18, 2015
Olight 3400 mAh battery
Like most of these batteries only time tells of the quality and true specs of these 18650 batteries. Battery seemed to charge great no issues, ran it in my new Nitecore P12 and it seems to give me good run times. Will have to truly put it to the test against Nitecore's light specs, to see if i'm really getting any better run time than my Efest batteries. So far so good, that's about all you can say about any battery you just purchased.
ProsComes in choice of small hard case, or retail package ,same price pretty cool little extra !
ConsNone so far
Quitman, TX
February 17, 2015
Olight 18650 3.6V 3400mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
I've had these about three months and use them daily. They seem to run as long if not longer than the other batteries that I have, that cost nearly twice as much. A great battery at a great price.
ProsPrice Long run times
By Paul
Westwego, LA.
February 17, 2015
Great battery
I have charged this battery One time, and it's still going strong, better than using disposable batteries.
ProsHold a charge for a long time
By Jack
North of Houston
February 11, 2015
Very High Quality, Top Performer
I concur that the Olight 3400 mAh battery is a keeper. Plenty of reserve power and it has the over-voltage cutoff circuit for safe recharging on rapid chargers. All my spares and replacements will now be the Olight.
ProsHigh Quality Energy-Dense at 3400 mA Protective charging circuitry
ConsYou will pay more for the above pro's, but it is worth it.
By John
February 7, 2015
Best 18650 yet
Very good reviews so I bought as an extra for my s30 baton and I am very impressed with its run time ( longer times than lights specs )
ProsPrice, run times
By Jay
Lewisville, AR
February 6, 2015
Great batteries
Needed batteries for Fenix headlamp. Stay charged longer than others I had.
By Mike
Miramar Beach, FL
January 13, 2015
A tie for first place
I tried this battery out and decided to compare it to my previous standard Nitecore 3400. The first issue was to determine how to measure the "value" of the battery. First step was using a meter on 4 flashlights from the same manufacture to see how close the power consumption was from light to light. It turns out they varied a lot. Ignoring complicated math. I saw up to a 5% variation between the same make and model LED light. So I used a resistor to provide the draw on the battery. To set a baseline I tested 10 3400 Nitecore's. I then did a quick test using the same equipment on these Olight batteries. Statistically the performance was too close to tell which one was on the test bed. I can easily accept that in any given application one or the other is better, but I doubt anyone can predict which will be 'best'. So as far as I can tell... this button top battery is as good as the 'best'. I do believe that there are many inferior batteries out there, but this is a top choice. I will be buying them or nitecores based on price
ProsTop notch high drain battery
ConsMay not fit a particular flashlight. A big guy!
By David
Lake Mary, FL
January 10, 2015
Great battery
My favorite 18650, great performance and value. Battery Junction ships quickly and runs them on sale quite often.
By Bob
New England
January 6, 2015
Super Battery
I tried this battery after noticing poor performance from the four Ultrafire 3000 mAh batteries I purchased over the Black Friday promotional period. This prompted me to do a run time test. The light I used is supposed to run 3 hours continuous with no step down at the medium setting of 250 lumens on two 1500 mAh CR 123A batteries. Remember high school physics. Two batteries in series double in voltage, not capacity. Results: Olight 3400 mAh battery ran four (4) hours at 250 lumens*; Four each of the Ultrafire 3000 mAh batteries. Best of the Ultrafires was 55 minutes. Worst of the Ultrafires was, 29 minutes; Energizer non rechargeable, 1500 mAh CR 123A cells 2 hours 10 minutes. *I stopped the test on the Olight battery at four hours. The light still stepped up to full power after 3 hours and 45 minutes. At four hours it would not step up but it was still constant at 250 lumens. It probably would have gone another 15 to 20 minutes or more. Regardless, point proven. Olight battery is super.
ProsGreat run times, lives up to what you would expect

Olight ORB-186P34 18650 3400mAh 3.6V Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Button Top Battery - Plastic Box or Retail Card

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