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Olight M2R Pro Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 1800 Lumens - 21700 Battery and MCC3 Charger Included - Bundle Available - Black

Olight M2R Pro Warrior Flashlight black angled
Olight M2R Pro Flashlight black charging
Olight M2R Pro Flashlight box contents
Olight M2R Pro Warrior Flashlight black angled
Olight M2R Pro Flashlight black charging
Olight M2R Pro Flashlight box contents
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We're offering the M2R Warrior Pro bundled with the RWX-7 straight-cord remote pressure switch and E-WM25 weapon mount. Save even more money by purchasing this bundle and immediately use your new M2R Pro on your preferred firearm.

Olight M2R Pro Flashlight

Upgraded Lumens, Runtime, Throw, and Design

The most-anticipated tactical light is finally here: introducing the new and improved Olight M2R Warrior Pro flashlight! The latest edition of the Olight's M/Warrior series features a long list of upgrades that take your tactical EDC to the next level. We're talking 1,800 lumens (↑20%), a 300m throw distance (↑45%), and an extended max runtime of 50 days (↑100%).

The crenelated bezel was redesigned for efficient defensive tactical strikes, while the new body texture and raised switch offer improved grip and usability while wearing gloves. The body switch features a built-in LED indicator to assist you in monitoring your battery life, which displays green for >75%, orange for <75%, and red for <30%.

Batteries & Chargers & Mounts, Oh My!

The M2R Pro owes its mind-boggling runtimes to the custom-made 21700 battery with a power-packed 5000mAh capacity. The all-new MCC3 magnetic smart-charger uses a 2A rate to fast-charge your M2R Pro, and will automatically detect and adjust its output rate depending on the battery type of other magnetic-rechargeable Olights (i.e: S1R Baton II will use 1A).

While this light is slightly thicker than its predecessor, it's still 100% compatible with any 1" weapon mount, such as the E-WM25. For a magentic remote-pressure switch, we recommend you use the RWX. A removable PVD-coated stainless steel pocket clip, holster, and lanyard come with the M2R Pro to provide a variety of ways to carry your light ready and accessible on-the-go.

Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 3 Mode 4 Mode 5 Mode 6
Brightness 1800 ↓750 ↓250lumens 750 ↓250lumens 250lumens 60lumens 15lumens 1lumens
Runtime 4.5 +145 +45minutes 160 +40minutes 10hours 40hours 130hours 50days
Distance 300meters 185meters 110meters 55meters 27meters -
Intensity 22,400candela 8,550candela 3,000candela 750candela 180candela -
  • Notable Features
  • 1,800 lumen turbo/strobe fills a room and disorients targets
  • Redesigned aggressive strike bezel and glass breaker
  • Doubles as an emergency/survival light with 50 days of runtime
  • Tri-color LED indicator warns at above/below 75% and 30%
  • Included 21700 battery boasts a whopping 5,000mAh capacity
  • Magnetic base is stronger than ever; uses all new MCC3 charger
  • Compatible with 1" mounts and remote pressure switches
  • Improved body texture for better grip while wearing gloves
SeriesM, Warrior
ModelM2R Pro
ActivityTactical, EDC
Max Throw985ft / 300m
Peak Intensity22,400cd
IP RatingIPX8 / 2m
Drop Resistance4.92ft / 1.5m
SwitchBody, Tail
Length5.37" / 136.5mm
Head Diameter1.16" / 26.5mm
Body Diameter1.03" / 26.2mm
Weight6.31oz / 179g
Battery Included
Battery Size21700 [Proprietary]
Included ModelORB-217C50
Charge PortMagnetic (Tail)
ChargerOlight MCC3
Olight M2R Pro Flashlight
21700 5000mAh Battery
MCC3 Magnetic USB Charger
Stainless Steel Pocket Clip
Warranty Card & User Manual
Runtime (Hours):0.132.610401200
Output Modes:3+ Brightness Levels, Strobe
Compatible Batteries:1 x 21700
Batteries Included:Yes
Included Accessories:Batteries, Holster, Lanyard, Magnetic Charging Cable, Pocket Clip, User Manual
Flashlight Usage:Magnetic, Magnetic Base, Tactical, Weapon
Throw Distance (Max):300m
Switch Location:Tail and Side Switches
Product Certifications:IPX-8, CE, RoHS
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty, Olight 5 Year Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Primary Material:Aluminum Alloy
Product Weight:6.31oz
Product Dimensions:5.37" (L) x 1.16" (Head Diameter)1.03" (Body Diameter)
Country of Origin:CN
By PMac
Great all arounder. Very happy.
October 8, 2020
I have many lights and many olights. Got this one in the nice limited edition grey, the reason I bought it. But it's turning out to be one of my best lights. While it's not an EDC light, for every other general purpose flashlight use it's pretty close to perfect. I've compared it to the warrior x pro which I also love, and while this is not quite as bright it has the side button which I love and think you'd want for a general purpose light. But it also has the tail button for tacticoolness. And it's a really good tail button too. The beam pattern with the tir lens doesn't throw nearly as far as the warrior x pro, but as I said before is almost perfect for a general purpose light. It's bright as you could want out to a 150-200 yard range. Big hotspot. Good spill. And it's easy to hold, not too big, and I'm just super impressed. Camping light, car light, house light, it does it all really well. Olight did a really good job here. Negatives are the battery, it's proprietary. But the charging system works great with it, and if you have other olights using the same type like I do then it really isn't a major problem. If this is your only one, you might want to buy an extra battery or two so you never have to worry about finding ones in the future. That'll make this light easily last 5+ years. Anyway, nuff said. This is now the light I'll bring with me if I need one light to rule them all haha. Not including my pocket edc s1 baton that I love. My pro tip? Put a sticky label on the charger thingy, so if you have other olight type chargers you don't get confused which one this will work on. Oh, comes with a pretty nice holster too, and I don't use the tethers but it comes with one of those too.
By brian
Excellent Beam
September 8, 2020
Have Olight Seeker 2 Pro, That's a great light too, but the it is a little bit floody at 30 feet.. Also have the Warrrior X Pro - another great Olight - but the hotspot on beam is too right for about 30 feet. M2R Pro is the right light for in between to supplement my electric bike light for street riding at night (25MPH! need to see more road farther). Using the TwoFish flashlight holder I picked up from battery junction! (If I was mountain biking in the woods, I think the Seeker 2 Pro would be better).
By Calvin
Almost Perfect Carry Light
May 18, 2020
Excellent build quality as always with Olight, and love the Desert Tan finish. I also really like the slight bigger 21700 battery that gives it better run time,supports high intensity output better, and makes it fit my gloved hand. The coarse knurling is very effective in providing good grip. My only complaint is the beam pattern does not smoothly transition from hotspot to side spill. There is a large circular bright hotspot, with very little sides spill. Guessing this is a result of the lens used rather than just a reflector. I liked the beam pattern of the original M2R much better. Even so, the flashlight is very usable, so I only deducted one star.
So. Cal.
Nice design with dual switches, but could be even better
November 15, 2019
I bought the M2R Pro in both black and camo during a flash sale. The fit and finish on both is excellent as you would expect from Olight. The camo version has a lot of dark colors to it. I would not have minded more tan and light green. I realize there are no two alike in the camo and it was just the luck of the draw. I still like the uniqueness of it. Even the threads on the body are camo. The tailcap takes about six complete turns before it comes off. The M2R Pro will still function even if the tailcap is loose, unlike with the Seeker 2 Pro, which must be screwed on as tight as it gets. The bezel and ring around the side switch on the black version are blue, whereas on the camo version, they are black. The new grooves around the body provide a very good grip. I like it better than the checkering on other Olights. The holster is barely long enough to hold the M2R Pro and it has a buckle lock that can often require two hands to open and close it. Velcro or a magnetic closure would have worked better in my opinion. It would not be a bad thing if Olight made the interior of the holster just a little more roomy to hold other lights of similar size or to at least be able to insert the M2R Pro into more easily. The M2R Pro fits almost too snugly, especially if the clip is attached to it. I worry about bumping or leaning into something and accidentally turning on the side switch. There are holes at the top and bottom of the holster. Both have metal grommets on them, whereas on the Seeker 2 Pro holster, the holes had stitching around the edges of the holes. The side switch can be difficult to locate in a hurry. Using the clip as an index can help. The dual clip is very stiff. It can be worn in either direction and can be attached near the bezel or near the tailcap. The lanyard has the comfortable feel of neoprene. It comes with a nice adjuster too, but the lanyard is too short. Even adjusted to the widest/longest setting, the diameter is still only about 3. I have small hands and it was difficult to get my hand through the loop. It would be even harder if the user were wearing gloves. I have noticed this from Olight for years and with many of their lights. It cannot cost that much more to make the lanyard two or three inches longer. The new strike bezel is a welcome addition to the previous bezel design. It is not overly sharp but I can see it tearing a hole in your pocket over time if it is facing bezel down. The tailcap is magnetic and can hold while stuck to something metal upside-down. It cannot be attached to something sideways because it is too heavy and it will fall down.

The M2R Pro is listed as a thrower and it definitely is. There is a usable amount of spill light but just barely. The concentrated beam is needed to achieve the farther throwing distance. Tint is neutral white. The NW tint is different on the two M2R Pros I purchased. It does not seem as bright as a cool white tint, but NW gives better color rendition and 1800 LU is still bright enough for most long distance uses. The tailcap switch works as advertised. It gives two different modes. 250 LU (Med-1) / 1800 LU (Turbo), or Turbo / Strobe at 1800 LU. 250 LU is too bright for close-up work. I would have liked to have seen 60 LU (Med-2 or even the 15 LU Low mode) / Turbo instead. The Turbo / Strobe is great for tactical purposes and a very useful mode for Law Enforcement. Runtime on Turbo is listed at four and a half mins. I got a little under four mins before it slowly ramped down to the lower level. The beam gets hot and after about 20 seconds, it was too hot to hold my hand in front of the lens. After about one and a half mins, the bezel became too hot for me to hold. High and Med-1 also yielded slightly shorter runtimes than stated on the specs by approx 15-20%. Perhaps after a few cycles of the brand new battery, runtimes will reach the specs. Otherwise, they were more than adequate. I did not perform runtime test on Med-2, Low or Moonlight.

The dedicated MCC3 charging cable is short at barely over 20. I was under the impression the MCC3 would be backwards compatible with previous Olight rechargeables lights, but it did not work on my Seeker 2 Pro. The MCC1 that came with my Seeker 2 Pro did work on the M2R Pro, but it took twice as long to charge. I called Olight and was told the two chargers were not interchangeable and to use the charger that comes with the light. I wish Olight would develop a charger that can charge all their customized batteries OUTSIDE of the flashlight with a single charger. It would be handy to still able to use the light AND charge a spare battery at the same time. Charging the battery inside the light takes the light out of commission during that time. Perhaps in the near future, Olight will develop such a charger. I would definitely buy one if / when they do. The M2R Pro can tail stand on its three prongs at the tail end, but you have to make sure the MCC3 attaches perfectly, otherwise you can get a false reading of green, leading you to believe the M2R Pro does not need charging. I had to wiggle the charger around just a little bit to make sure it was seated perfectly and making proper contact to the tailcap.

The M2R Pro has its pros and cons, but overall, I am happy with my purchase.
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Olight M2R Pro Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 1800 Lumens - 21700 Battery and MCC3 Charger Included - Bundle Available - Black

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