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Olight S2R II Rechargeable LED Flashlight - LUMINUS SST-40 - 1150 Lumens - Uses 1 x 18650 (included) - Black or Lime Green (Limited Edition)

S2R II angle
S2R II upright
S2R II back angle
S2R II in hand
white S2R II in hand
S2R II charging
S2R II accessories
Olight S2R II alternate view 10
Olight S2R II alternate view 11
Olight S2R II alternate view 12
Olight S2R II alternate view 13
Olight S2R II alternate view 14
S2R II angle
S2R II upright
S2R II back angle
S2R II in hand
white S2R II in hand
S2R II charging
S2R II accessories
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  • Slim style EDC with high power LED output
  • Rechargeable via magnetic USB cord for fast, easy charging
  • 1150 lumen output using the included 18650 battery
  • Magnetic tail-cap allows for hands free lighting
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Olight S2R II Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Better Than Before

The Olight S2R II is the upgraded version of the S2R and it shows. This flashlight is vastly brighter, more durable, and better balanced than its predecessor. The max lumen output is 1,150 which produces a radiant beam that can reach up to 135 meters. This flashlight has a brand new TIR lens design that will provide a balanced beam that will evenly distribute the light across the objects in it's path, making it the perfect tool for everyday carry. The S2R II has a multi-function side switch so that you can access multiple different modes: 5+ brightness levels, turbo, moonlight, and strobe. Plus, the side switch also features a battery indicator so you will know when to charge up for your next use. These features make this flashlight a logical, intuitive, and practical product for EDC.

Magnetic Charging

The Olight S2R II features a new MCC II magnetic charging system. This charging system produces up to 1A of voltage and will quickly recharge your flashlight so you can use it as soon as possible. The magnetic tailcap attaches to the portable MCC II USB cable, so you can charge on-the-go or in your own home with ease. The magnet featured on the flat tailcap is strong so you can use it as a hands-free work light; attach it to anything magnetic and it will stick!

Compact and Durable

With a hard anodized aluminum alloy body, the Olight S2R II is impact resistant up to 1.5 meters and waterproof up to 2 meters, ensuring that its durability will sustain over the course of its service life. Not to mention that its light build and pocket clip makes the S2R II a top contender for anyone looking for an EDC flashlight that will not weight them down. With all of its features combined with its enduring strength, this flashlight is designed to be an admirable adversary for best EDC flashlight.

  • Cool White LED with a maximum output of 1,150 lumens
  • Includes a 3200mAh 18650 rechargeable lithium battery which is charged magnetically through the tailcap charging cable
  • Features a battery indicator located on the side switch so you know when to charge. Indicator glowing green (Battery remaining>=70%), indicator glowing yellow (Battery remaining 15-70%), indicator glowing red (Battery remaining>=15%)
  • Portable fast charging MCC II USB charging cable provided in the package
  • Brand-new TIR lens design producing a perfectly balanced beam
  • Flat tailcap with a strong magnet allowing the ability to use as a hands-free work light
  • Multi-function side switch with five brightness levels, plus strobe mode
  • Olight's 5 Year Warranty

Included Accessories:
  • Specialized 3200mAh 3.6V 18650 battery x 1
  • MCC II charging cable x 1
  • User manual x 1
  • Pouch x 1
  • Blue pocket clip x 1 (installed on the flashlight)
  • Black pocket clip x 1 (spare, inside the package)
  • Lanyard (including tethering tool) x 1

  • Output / Runtime / Distance:
    • Turbo: 1,150 lumens / 2 minutes / 135 meters
    • High: 400 lumens / 4 hours / 80 meters
    • Medium: 120 lumens / 14 hours / 45 meters
    • Low: 15 lumens / 100 hours / 15 meters
    • Moonlight: 0.5 lumens / 60 days
  • LED: Luminus SST-40
  • Power Source: Customized 3200mAh 3.6V 18650 Battery
  • Beam Intensity: 4,600cd
  • Max Throw: 135 meters
  • Impact Resistance: 1.5 meters
  • Water Resistance: IPX-8
  • Weight: 0.21lbs/98.5g (including battery and pocket clip)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length - 3.94" (100mm)
    • Head Diameter - 0.91" (23mm)
    • Body Diameter - 0.91" (23mm)
Runtime (Hours):0.034141001440
Output Modes:3+ Brightness Levels, Strobe
Compatible Batteries:1 x 18650, 2 x CR123A
Batteries Included:Yes
Included Accessories:Batteries, Lanyard, Magnetic Charging Cable, Pocket Clip
Flashlight Usage:Every Day Carry
Throw Distance (Max):135m
LED:Luminus SST-40 CW
Switch Location:Body
Product Certifications:CE, IPX-8, RoHS
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty, Olight 5 Year Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Primary Material:Anodized Aluminum
Product Weight:3.47oz
Product Dimensions:3.94" (L) x 0.91" (Head Diameter)0.91" (Body Diameter)
Country of Origin:China
By Pete S.
Attleboro, Massachusetts
Perfect Size, Compact!!
July 5, 2019
Used for work this torch is small enough to fit comfortably in my pocket without the bulk and weight of other torches I've used. Just slightly bigger than the 18650 battery!

The low setting is perfect for identifying part numbers without blinding you, while the medium and high settings will light up a large area (my entire back yard!). Throws a nice, broad beam while still concentrated. Not a flood by any means, but a little less concentrated than the S3R which is a more focused beam (but larger as a result). One of my colleagues bought the S3R and we did a quick comparison: I'm glad I got to compare and definitely prefer the S2RII (the S2RII is also brighter in "turbo" than the S3R)

Appears very durable, It's already been dropped and banged around a bit. Comes with two strong belt clips, very nice quality clips. Strong base magnet able to support in any position.

There is an LED battery life indicator in the function switch. Have used for 2.5 weeks on the first charge and stilling running strong and showing green on the indicator. Charging is simple through the magnetic base charger. This is my new favorite every-day-carry, excellent addition to my tool box!
By Joe A.
Compact and bright
December 19, 2022
I was pleasantly surprised to find out how small, but bright, this flashlight is. I've already had to use the magnet on the end of the flashlight to continue working in my shop during a power outage. This flashlight has all the qualities and features that I needed.
By tommy
allegheny mtns
September 14, 2022
didnt need another light but these looked good. happy i could get a cool white and a neutral
By Steve
Lime Green Anodized Body OK - Lime Green Beam Tint - NOT OK
July 12, 2022
Everyone I have showed off my fancy new Olight S2R II "special edition neutral white" light to (without prompting from me, mind you) notices the same off-white slightly yellow-green tint that I do.

In fairness to Olight, it's not green laser green, just roughly on a par with the worst examples of those really low quality supposedly "warm white" CFL bulbs that you have probably seen which have a really really nasty yellow-greenish tint.

It is bad enough that I HATE IT, and have really serious buyer's remorse every time I turn it on.

It's definitely the absolute WORST color tint that I have received in a LED flashlight in 20 years (including the really cheap ones), as you can see from the example beam shot comparison photo that I have attached to this review.

For reference (listed left to right, 1-5 below) are the lights I compared to my new S2R II:

1. An inexpensive 18650 400 lumen light which was only $10 on Amazon- has a slight blueish "cool white" tint as a reference.
2. A 15 year old first generation LED Luxeon Star flashlight - Only 120 lumens back then - but ABSOLUTLY PERFECT NEUTRAL WHITE
3. Fenix L0D- CREE Q5 AAA light - again not super bright by today's standards - but pretty nice NEUTRAL WHITE
4. Martac AAA CREE Q5 - just a very slight color cast compared to the near perfect Luxeon but still solidly NEUTRAL WHITE

5. And lastly, on the far right, is my nifty new OLIGHT-S2R-II-NW-LIME-GREEN
presumably LIME GREEN was supposed to describe the Anodized body color

As you can clearly see from the beam shot comparison, when compared with a broad range of "cool white" through "neutral white" LED flashlights, this light is not even close to "neutral white", with a pretty noticeable nasty greenish-yellow tint.

Call me picky, but when you pay even extra for a premium "limited edition neutral white" flashlight (one that was already pretty pricey to start with), it should be, well, lets just say, it should be - NEUTRAL WHITE - not some kind of nasty off-white greenish tinted garbage.

I've asked battery junction to contact Olight about a replacement light (hopefully minus the nasty tint) - but so far I have heard NOTHING back from either of them. If this was just a one off issue, and Olight responds quickly, I'll update the review appropriately.
By Rod
South USA
Great edc flashlight
April 18, 2022
Engineering excellence from Olight. A very well refined illumination device worth its price. Enjoy
1 Question & 1 Answer
Greg Van Wagner
from Texas asked:
August 13, 2019
Is there a setting to keep it from coming on in your pocket?
1 Answer
Yes, there is a lock out mode. Here are the directions to do so. LOCK/UNLOCK: When the flashlight is off, press and hold the side switch to access the button lockout mode (the flashlight will enter the lowest mode first and will then switch off to signal the lockout mode). Under the lockout mode, press and hold the side switch for less than onesecond without releasing it and the flashlight will enter the lowest mode again. To unlock the flashlight, simply press and hold the side switch for over one second and release it to return to normal functionality.
Submitted by: Customer Service on August 13, 2019

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Olight S2R II Rechargeable LED Flashlight - LUMINUS SST-40 - 1150 Lumens - Uses 1 x 18650 (included) - Black or Lime Green (Limited Edition)

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