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Petzl Batteries

Petzl Batteries

Battery Packs for Headlamps

Petzl batteries are the optimal power source for the manufacturer's hands-free lights. As a company, Petzl is well known for their high quality, high performance headlamps. Their lightweight but rugged design, coupled with their intense long-lasting outputs, have made them the chosen headlamp for hikers, bikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The same power and reliability can be found in their rechargeable battery packs, customized to fit specific models of headlamps. These efficient batteries allow the lights to be used to their fullest capability and ensure a quality user experience.

Specialized Features

Petzl battery packs are designed for use with particular models of headlamps, each of them given unique features and characteristics that go beyond chemistry and capacity to better perform in their designated model. For example, the Petzl ACCU 2 ULTRA battery is designed for use with the Ultra Rush Specialized Headlamp, a light that is meant to endure the wear and tear of the elements. To match the needs of its host, the ACCU 2 ULTRA is designed to be both waterproof and dustproof, making it safe to use even in poor weather conditions. Another example is the Petzl ACCU NAO+, which is used with the NAO+ Rechargeable Multi-Beam Headlamp. The specialized pack is USB-rechargeable and can be recharged on its own or while attached to the light, making it easy to refuel wherever you go. These special characteristics, along with their power and efficiency, make Petzl battery packs highly capable power sources for their lights.