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Pilot Flashlights

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Versatility is key when shopping for the pilot flashlights. Not only does the light need to have a bright white output for outdoor inspections of the plane, but they also must offer a colored output for seeing clearing within the cockpit. The experts at BatteryJunction.com put together a wide assortment of handheld flashlights and headlamps to accommodate all of your flying needs.

During the preflight visual inspection, pilots must be able to inspect the airplane in order to make sure everything is working and in place. According to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), "parking ramps should be checked with a flashlight prior to entering the airplane." Pilot flashlights must, therefore, have a bright white output in order to illuminate dark areas during this inspection. On the other hand while flying, especially at nighttime, a red, green or blue light is necessary to see clearly once inside the cockpit and so as to not disrupt your night vision.

Galaxy 12-LED

The Smith & Wesson Galaxy 12-LED flashlight offers a total of 12 LEDs to accommodate the wide variety of needs of a pilot. Six LEDs are dedicated to producing a bright white 24-lumen beam, while two are red, two are blue and two are reserved for a green output. This quad-color flashlight is therefore versatile enough to work both inside and outside of a plane. The Galaxy 12-LED flashlight also features a unique, dual button design with a decided switch for the white output and a separate switch for the colored options. In case of an emergency, this handheld light is easy to operate at a moment's notice. Finally, the Smith & Wesson Galaxy 12-LED flashlight runs on three AAA alkaline batteries.

Want a hands-free pilot flashlight? Why not try the Inova STS Dual LED Headlamp from Nite Ize? This light has both red and white LEDs, which offer a wide variety of output levels and brightness modes. Feel free to also browse through our selection of other great pilot flashlights below.

smith and wesson galaxy 12-led flashlight

Great for Nighttime Flying

In addition to safety checks and nighttime flying, aviation flashlights may also be needed during an emergency. If for example, the cockpit fills with smoke, it is important that your light is easy to find and easy to hold. For this reason, our selection of flashlights for pilots has been limited to handheld and headlamp designs. Also, it is important to note that while a red output is the most commonly used during nighttime flights, it is suggested to also consider utilizing or employing a blue-green lens or LED as well. According to the FAA, "if a red light is used for reading an aeronautical chart, the red features of the chart with not show up." Aeronautical charts are required for nighttime flying and should be evaluated and prepared prior to your journey. For added versatility, you may want to consider one of our tri-color pilot flashlights that offer red, white and blue outputs. A removable filter may also be an adequate solution for your needs.

Keep it Powered

It is advised to keep a spare set of batteries with you while flying, in order to guarantee the aviation flashlight is ready for use at all times. For this reason, we recommend using alkaline batteries, as they are easy to find and replace, regardless of where your journey takes you. Or feel free to stock up on your supplies by browsing our selection of batteries here, at BatteryJunction.com!