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Portable EEG Machine Batteries

Neuromonitoring Application Batteries (EEG/PSG)

Batteries that power machinery used to conduct electrocardiograms, polysomnograms, and other Neuromonitoring tests are essential to diagnosis and medical treatments in a variety of different medical fields. Often times, the need for batteries in this specific area comes from the use of portable electrocardiographs, which provide professionals an extended view of a patient's neurological activity, since it can record outside the doctor's office during a patients daily activities. Accordingly, it is necessary that these machines be powered by quality, durable batteries in order to provide professionals with accurate and complete electrocardiograms that will allow them to make precise diagnosis and interpretations. Portable electrocardiographs are the other piece of hardware that is able to track functions quickly and within the comfort of a patient's own home. For this reason, portable EEG machine batteries must provide long-lasting, reliable power on which users can rely.

Long-Lasting Lithium

Because the longevity and consistency of portable electrocardiographs are paramount to their ability to produce useful information, most models utilize lithium batteries, which last much longer than alkaline. Additionally, lithium batteries for portable EEG machines weigh less than alkaline batteries, making them a better option for many portable electrocardiographs, since patients will have to carry them around. BatteryJunction.com is an authorized reseller of Ultralife batteries, including their 9-volt lithium cell that is commonly used within this field, for example in products like LifeLines TrackIt™ Ambulatory EEG Recorder. BatteryJunction.com is also an exclusive reseller of the up-and-coming brand, Titanium Innovations, which also produces lithium 9-volt batteries, at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing any performance.

Buying Options

BatteryJunction.com is prepared to offer customers a plethora of buying options with our variety of battery quantities and packaging. Whether it be a small neurodiagnostic facility looking only for a moderate number of cells or a sleep clinic with several locations looking for large quantities of cells with minimal packaging, BatteryJunction.com has the options to accommodate their needs. Furthermore, buying lithium batteries in bulk is an option for many customers regardless of their regular battery usage, because lithium primary batteries have a 10-year shelf life, making the option of stocking up in advance feasible. Additionally, buying in bulk, any purchase over $50, will result in free shipping for customers. If a clinic, company, or hospital uses batteries for portable Neuromonitoring heavily and frequently, please consider signing up for a commercial account to see if they might qualify for wholesale pricing.