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Portable Work Lights - Buyers' Guide

Choosing the Best Work Light

Portable work lights are used on job sites to temporarily illuminate a work area. These flashlights and lamps vary by style and size to accommodate the differing needs of a job site. Area lighting is often found in the form of a hanging lamp, which provides hands-free illumination; however, this style of lamp typically limits you to the length of the power cord provided. Portable work lights, on the other hand, typically run on batteries and can, therefore, be repositioned throughout a work area with ease. Battery Junction put together a list of products that are suitable for use on the job site. Please feel free to browse through the entire selection to find the right portable work light for your individual needs.

What Makes a Good Work Light?

When shopping for a good work light, it is important to think about the "how" and the "where". How will the work light be used and where will the work light be positioned? Answering these two questions will help you narrow down your search for the perfect work light. We can further explain this by providing some examples:

How Will the Work Light be Used?

Different job sites call for different illumination. The Pelican 9460 remote area light (RALS) offers an incredible 12000-lumen output, thus making it a good choice for painters and construction workers. Portable work lights, such as this Pelican 9460 floodlight, evenly illuminate a room, which is required when painting or when working on large-scale construction projects. Mechanics and handymen, on the other hand, will need to use a dimmer output for when they work in tighter spaces. Hanging lamps and handheld flashlights, also known as trouble lights, are therefore better solutions for these workers, as they can attach or hang the lamp to or from the hood of a car's engine. A magnetic tailcap allows users to continue to operate under hands-free lighting while pinpointing the beam directly where it is needed. Automotive workers find these handheld flashlights to be great options for bringing light into tighter spaces. If you require hands-free lighting that is mobile, it is best that you utilize a headlamp or a helmet light.

Where Will the Work Light be Positioned?

In addition to how the work light will be used, it is important to consider the job site itself. While we mentioned flashlights with magnetic tailcaps for mechanics and handymen, there may be a situation where you need a dimmer output for up-close work, but you do not have a nearby surface that is receptive to magnets. In these instances, we suggest utilizing a clamp-on light, such as those offered by Blackfire, to illuminate your workstation. The Blackfire BBM950 work light features an adjustable clamp-like base to attach to a workbench or even to a ladder. Typically these portable lights feature an adjustable design, which allows users to rotate and adjust the direction of the light's throw. Others may find themselves working with hazardous materials and may consider purchasing a portable work light that is rated for safety within Class I Div 1 environments. The Quad II, from Princeton Tec, is a suitable headlamp option for those working in such settings.

If you are a "Weekend Warrior", hoping to illuminate your garage or your workshop, it is best to use a work light that offers a broad flood beam. Flashlights with long beam throws will not help you, as the lighting on your workstation will become uneven and blindingly bright. We recommend using a light with an LED light bar instead, such as the Wagan 2497 Brite Stick XT handheld flashlight.

Whether you are an experienced professional looking to enhance or elongate your workday, or you are a part-time tinkerer at home, finding the right work light for the task at hand is crucial to your success. To recap, it is important to choose a lamp that offers a broad flood beam and a base or attachment system that is compatible with your environment. Browse through our collection of portable work lights to find the right one for your needs. Have questions or need help? Please do not hesitate to contact one of our product experts through our Live Chat system or by phone.