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Power-Sonic PS-6360 36AH 6V Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery - F2 Terminals

Front view of PowerSonic PS-6360
Front view of PowerSonic PS-6360
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Power-Sonic PS-6360 36AH 6V Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery - F2 Terminals

Introducing the Power-Sonic PS-6360 a battery that provides stability and performance without any worry. With impressive Absorbent Glass Mat technology, this battery is capable of providing high current demands with a relatively long life service, even when deep cycled, which makes it the perfect battery to back up emergency flood lights or alarms - if the power goes out, you will not fear with a PS-6360 at the helm. This battery also provides spill proof construction which allows the battery to operate in any position, no matter where you place it, it is usable. The PS-6360 comes with the option of two types of terminals (F2 or NB) (no longer available), which makes it a versatile battery that is compatible with a variety of electronics.

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance
  • Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows safe operation in any position
  • Power/volume ratio yielding unrivaled energy density
  • Rugged impace resistant ABS case and cover
  • Integrated ABS carrying handles for ease of movement
  • Approved for transport by air. D.O.T., I.A.T.A, F.A.A. and C.A.B. certified
  • Chemistry: SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)
  • Terminal Type: F2 (NB no longer available)
  • Nominal Voltage: 6 volts
  • Nominal Capacity:
    • 20-Hour (1.8A to 5.25 volts) - 36.00AH
    • 10-Hour (3.35A to 5.25 volts) - 33.50AH
    • 5-Hour (6.12A to 5.10 volts) - 30.60AH
    • 1-Hour (22.3A to 4.50 volts) - 22.30AH
    • 15-Minute (70.6A to 4.50 volts) - 17.65AH
  • Energy Density (20-hr. rate): 1.59 W-h/in³
  • Specific Energy (20-hr. rate): 17.85 W-h/in³
  • Internal Resistance (approx.): 6 milliohms
  • Max Discharge Current(7 Min.): 108 amperes
  • Max Short-Duration Discharge Current (10 Sec): 360 amperes
  • Shelf Life (% of nominal capcity at 68°F (20°C))
    • 1 Month - 97%
    • 3 Months - 91%
    • 6 Months - 83%
  • Operating Temperature Range
    • Charge: -4°F (-20°C) to 122°F (50°C)
    • Discharge: -40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60°C)
  • Case: ABS Plastic
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.25" x 3.35" x 6.93" (159mm x 85mm x 176mm)
  • Approximate Weight: 12.10 lbs. (5.49kg)
**Some Options Are No Longer Available
Battery Size:SLA
Battery Capacity (mAh):36000
Battery Chemistry:Sealed Lead Acid
Battery Voltage:6
Battery Terminal Type:F2
Battery Shelf Life:6 Months
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Product Weight:193.6oz
Product Dimensions:6.25" (L) x 3.35" (W) x 6.93" (H)
Country of Origin:China
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