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LR14 Batteries (Alkaline 1.5V C Cells)

Many homeowners and office managers have already thought to stock up on AAA and AA batteries. But if you overlook your need for C batteries, you could find yourself in the dark when your flashlight doesn’t work. Even worse, you could end up with a sleepless night when your child’s favorite music-playing toy can’t play their nightly lullaby. Whatever the case, there are probably many more C alkaline batteries being used in your home or office at this moment than you realize. At Battery Junction, we offer C cell battery cheap sale prices that you want to make it easy to stock up on the type of C battery that you like best.

If you want the best inexpensive C-cell batteries, then you’ve come to the right place. Battery Junction carries all the top name brands you trust, including rare or hard-to-find brands like Energizer Industrial and Duracell Procell. Each C alkaline battery we offer is made to last and to provide the ultimate performance for your electronics and devices. Whether you need C batteries for a camping lantern or a musical instrument, we have the right products that are guaranteed to provide optimum performance day after day and month after month.

To get Duracell C batteries on sale, simply browse our selection today. We offer this and other name-brand C batteries at affordable rates. For the best value, consider ordering bulk C cell batteries. We can give you the best rates whether you want a dozen batteries or hundreds of batteries. Our sale pricing lets you find the best match for your battery power needs and your budget. Find C cell battery cheap prices that are the lowest on the Web right here at Battery Junction.