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Right Angle Flashlights

Right Angle Flashlights for Firefighters & Military Professionals

The Best Front-Facing & Adjustable-Head Lights!

The right angle flashlight was designed with fire, rescue and military professionals in mind. These lights are front-facing, or feature an articulating head, which gives users the ability to adjust the angle and positioning of the beam. A right angle flashlight is typically attached to a user's chest and are therefore able to illuminate the area directly in front. In addition to a more comfortable position, this light also operates hands free! But what makes a right angle flashlight better than a headlamp? In two simple answers: comfort and usability. The right angle flashlight is designed specifically for attaching to a turnout coat or a radio strap, yet can still illuminate the area in front of a user, due to the angled or the adjustable design. Headlamps, also may be not be compatible with a uniform or, if worn for long periods of time, may become uncomfortable if worn directly on one's forehead.

Streamlight, Pelican and Many Other Well-Known Brands!

The right angle flashlight is a popular design from reliable Streamlight and Pelican brands. The Streamlight Sidewinder Aviation model, for example, features an articulating head that lets users adjust the angle at which the beam is projected. In addition to its adjustable design, the Sidewinder Aviation also provides three secondary red, green and blue LEDs. This gives pilots the ability to utilize one light for all of their illumination needs. The white light is perfect for use during a security check, while the green and blue lights work better in an dark cockpit. Pelican also offers a variety of right angle flashlights, including the 3310R light. This particular unit is actually made up of two parts: the original 3310 hand held light and an adjustable adapter kit that transforms the light into a right angle flashlight. In addition to its convenient design, this LED light is also rechargeable and easily attaches to a charging cradle for effortless powering.

Olight, Nitecore and Fenix are also jumping on board with their own variations of the right angle flashlight. In fact, many of their more recent headlamp releases double as right angle work and utility lights. The Olight H2R, for example, comes equipped with a nylon head-strap for comfortable positioning on one's head; however, the strap may also be removed, which transforms the H2R into a right angle flashlight! This versatile, rechargeable flashlight is therefore the best of both worlds! Feel free to browse through our entire collection to find the "right" right angle flashlight for your individual needs. Don't see what you need? Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department; our staff is trained extensively on all 6,000+ products and their individual uses. We are here to help!