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RovyVon Flashlights

About RovyVon

RovyVon is a innovative brand driven by originality and quality. Based in Shenzhen, China and founded by outdoor enthusiasts, they make top-notch EDC products for everyone around the globe to use. Their flagship Aurora 'AX' series is ever-expanding and is available in a wide array of sizes, materials, colors and output modes. If you're looking for a keychain flashlight, there's a RovyVon for you.

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AAurora Series
1K1000+ Lumens
UVUV Lights
RovyVon is a innovative start-up founded by EDC and outdoor enthusiasts who are dedicated to creating stylish and functional EDC products, including flashlights, gear, tools, and gadgets. Based in Shenzhen China, RovyVon is a company that values their customers, and we are happy to be an official dealer of RovyVon flashlights and gear. Shop All RovyVon Products