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Safety Markers, Lightsticks, and Reflectors

It is easy enough to get lost out in the wilderness, but what about being found? Unless you are playing an elaborate game of Hide and Seek, getting lost out in the wild is not something you want to happen. In the event that you've lost your way and can't find a way back, it is imperative that others are able to find you. Something as simple as a whistle or a reflective card could be the difference between being found and involuntarily extending your not so fun game of Hide and Seek. Having a way to signal others who may not know where you are is not only convenient, it may safe your life.

Luckily, Battery Junction has all the emergency signaling tools and supplies you'll need to ensure you can always be found. See Me Lights and light sticks can be used as long-lasting beacons to grab the attention of any onlooker scanning the area. Reflective cards and mirrors turn the sun and other light sources to your advantage by amplifying its brightness and making you very hard to miss. Survival whistles allow you to produce a piercing sound louder than most natural noises that will travel farther than you could ever hope to yell. Pick up your signaling tools today and always have a means to grab someone's attention out in the wild.